Flashback indicates children searching at Sakshi and Purvi from the steps whilst Arjun had refused to take the case initially. She deliberately tells Purvi they should make certain that Arjun accepts their case at any fee children overhear them and determine to technique Arjun. Flashback ends.

Arjun says you hit bull’s eye with that pass. You confirmed that I widespread the case due to Juhi and Manas as that they’d helped and stored me. Your concept become amazing. You invited me over to haveli. Sakshi nods. Purvi started out to discover your reality then simplest. It become very crucial for her to realize that she should receive your each circumstance to shop Mukhi ji. I become the only who had instructed Manas to cover on your room as I desired Purvi to discover the bullet on your room even as searching out Manas.

Flashback indicates Sakshi telling Arjun it’s far time. I even have instructed Manas to cover on your room. Sakshi brings meals for children however they’re sitting sadly. They inform her that they’ve determined to play disguise and are trying to find however haathi is aware of each viable area wherein they could disguise. Sakshi has the same opinion to think about a brand new hiding area. She sends Juhi to convey milkshake for both. Sakshi tells Manas to cover in Arjun’s room as soon as Juhi leaves the room. She additionally tells him now no longer to inform every person approximately this. He has the same opinion. Sakshi asks Arjun if he is aware of what wishes to be completed subsequent. He nods. I realize why you’ve got got employed me for this example after all. Flashback ends.

Arjun says I become concerned that Purvi would possibly say no to marry me. Sakshi says even I become hesitant however I become nice that she can be able to supply in whilst she had long gone to marketplace with you. Mukhi ji couldn’t consider it that his Bawri selected to marry you over him whilst he got here again to haveli. He become taken aback even as I become at peace. I become glad however I become nonetheless scared as Purvi had commenced to discover approaches to reveal you.

Another flashback indicates Sakshi calling Arjun on the primary night time whilst Purvi had left haveli. She tells Arjun that Purvi could be very smart. She has instructed me that she can be able to discover evidence in opposition to you asap. Mukhi ji is likewise positive she is hiding some thing. Our plan might be ruined in the event that they be part of palms again. We should forestall them at any fee. Arjun assures her that he’s going to cope with Purvi. You ought to awareness for your Mukhi ji. She has the same opinion. Don’t overlook that Purvi isn’t always dumb. She will make her subsequent pass soon. He has the same opinion.

Sakshi says Mukhi ji nonetheless feels that Purvi is hiding some thing from him. He is aggravating and desires to be with Purvi and children asap. Arjun says it labored in our prefer too. Kids known as Virender on their own.

Flashback indicates Virender telling Sakshi to percent prasad for Purvi and the children as he goes to satisfy them. Sakshi involves kitchen and is indignant that Virender nonetheless desires to meet Purvi after something happened. She sends a message to Arjun telling him to be alert as Virender is coming there.

Arjun says we wouldn’t are becoming something in case you hadn’t instructed me that Mukhi ji is making plans to take the children with him. Sakshi says I wont permit it happen. I were combating this conflict due to the fact so long. I will win now. I even have instructed you the whole lot ahead simply to make certain we’re a step in advance of Purvi and Mukhi ji.

Flashback indicates Sakshi calling Arjun. He is going apart to talk to Sakshi. She tells him approximately Virender’s plan. Look after the children. The one that has Juhi and Manas will win this recreation. Arjun has the same opinion to take care. Flashback ends.

Sakshi says Purvi delivered Radhika out of nowhere once I notion we had nearly won. Purvi calls Sakshi and tells her approximately Radhika. Arjun says I notion Purvi is vulnerable however she delivered Radhika out of the blue.

Flashback indicates Sakshi calling Arjun and informing him that Purvi has discover the whole lot approximately his past. We have simplest 2 days. Purvi will post all of the proofs in courtroom docket in 2 days and could ship you in the back of bars. We ought to do some thing these days itself. Arjun says Purvi would possibly acquire proofs however she wont be capable of do something to me. I will punish her now. Kids will come to our rescue now. Flashback ends.

Arjun says I abducted the children and concealed them away to forestall Purvi from appearing over smart. Sakshi smiles. I can not inform you how glad I become once I noticed Mukhi ji scolding Purvi. Arjun admits that he hasn’t visible a stubborn, selfless and decided female like Purvi ever. We could were uncovered in case you hadn’t knowledgeable me that each one three of you’re heading to police station to sign up a document in opposition to me. Sakshi sends a textual content to Arjun.

Sakshi praises Arjun at the timing whilst he had known as Purvi. I dint need to do much. You used to replace locations and plans on every occasion I despatched you a textual content informing approximately Purvi and Mukhi ji’s whereabouts. Sakshi heads to her room at the pretext of bringing Manas and Juhi’s image as soon as Purvi had observed wherein he become. She right away calls Arjun and tells him to go away the area with the children asap. He has the same opinion. Flashback ends.

Arjun says Purvi thinks she is sensible however her enemy, Sakshi Pratap Singh, is smarter than her. It is not possible to win over you. Sakshi says a spouse can visit any restrict to win her husband and children. I am doing the equal thing. I had commenced this recreation and I will stop it via way of means of prevailing my husband and children. Now you may ask Purvi to return back to production webweb page with children. Kids will meet me earlier than Purvi. Mukhi ji might be then positive that that Purvi become mendacity and he’s going to throw Purvi out of his lifestyles. I gets Mukhi ji and children and you may get cash. Neither you nor Purvi might be visible right here again!