Virender holds Nandini’s hand. I haven’t raised hand on any female until date however I will neglect about it which you are my daughter in case you a lot as even increase a finger on Bawri! Vir says you’ve got got forgotten it lengthy in the past that we’re your children. Wish you knew a way to abide with the aid of using your responsibility along side your rights. Wish you had remembered that we got here for your existence earlier than this Molkki! Wish you can don’t forget that we’re your very own blood and now no longer a few relation which you bought! Virender and Purvi are stunned with the aid of using his words. Vir says Nandini is my sister. As her brother, I can’t see or allow everyone do whatever incorrect to her. she is my daughter and my responsibility. I wont spare whoever will try and are available her way, even though it’s you! Virender asks him if he’s threatening him. You understand I wont harm my children at all. Vir says this

relation has been damaged lengthy in the past with the aid of using you. Purvi stops Virender. Nandini is proper. I have to were careful. I admit my mistake. Nandini asks Virender if he heard how his liked Molkki common her mistake. Will you continue to try and keep her? She offers first and closing caution to Purvi. I will punish you in case you try and wreck my stuff once more. No one, now no longer even your Mukhi ji will come to prevent then. She heads upstairs observed with the aid of using Vir. Prakashi and Anjali smirk and stroll away as well.
Priyu and Purvi are drying garments. Purvi asks her if she is a man or women or a stone. You don’t budge at all. You were thru a lot and now Vir and Nandini have come to boss over you. Purvi motives that they hate Mukhi ji. Priyu tells her to allow them to boss on Mukhi ji then. You are the Mukhiyayin. Answer her returned and silence her for as soon as and all. Purvi says I need to win them over with love and now no longer anger. That is how I need to silence them. Priyu says humans best get reprimanded for accurate deeds in today’s time. Nandini thinks of herself to be a few queen of London even as Vir is dumb. He follows his sister blindly. Purvi tells her to forestall it. Dry the garments in preference to badmouthing them.

Purvi brings dinner for Virender. I understand oyu are nonetheless concerned over what occurred withinside the afternoon. Please neglect about it. Virender asks her how he can. You understand I can’t endure it while a person factors finger at you for no reason. I am extra harm this time as it’s far my very own blood that’s doing this to you! Purvi says matters will reduce to rubble similarly if you’ll lose your cool now. He jumps at the mattress and screams lizard. She follows his instance however he’s panicked. She smiles. He tells her to shoo it away. She teases him with the aid of using looking to ship the lizard his way. He asks her why she is giggling at him. She asks him how a Mukhi may be frightened of a small lizard. He denies that he isn’t afraid. She smiles. My Tau ji is proper. A massive guy can get frightened of small matters. He retorts on her Tau ji’s logics once more and begins offevolved teasing her. She slips and falls on him. They proportion a watch lock. She attempts to rise up however he pulls her returned. She hears a noise from the mattress and rues that she can be able to need to endure this noise now. You wont be capable of sleep at the ground anyways. He asks her why. She reminds him that the lizard can come returned anytime. Shall I name it? His eyes widen in shock. We can sleep at the mattress collectively with this noise. Let the outsiders consider some thing they need! She asks him what the outsiders will think. He tells her to think. She feels shy. They pay attention a knock at the door simply then and notice Juhi and Manas on the door with their bags.

They take the children internal. Purvi asks them why they’re right here. I placed you to mattress. Juhi and Manas need to live with them. Purvi says we got here right here so Nandini and Vir can live their peacefully. Juhi tells her now no longer to lie. We noticed everything. They misbehaved with you or even driven you out of the room! Manas nods. They love us however it is incorrect that they don’t love you too! Purvi says it isn’t true. Manas says you already know we can’t sleep with out listening to lullaby from you. We will sleep with you right here best. Juhi concurs. I will sing it for you for your room tomorrow. Virender smiles. Manas tells her to neglect about approximately tomorrow. Sing it for us now. They preserve their heads in her lap. Purvi sings lullaby for them. Kids nod off in no time. Virender falls asleep as well.

Nandini is slumbering while she gets Aarav’s name. She receives up excitedly. You promised to satisfy me once I will attain Rewari! He apologizes to her. even I am lacking you a lot. It’s now no longer accurate if we can’t meet despite the fact that you’re in Rewari. She concurs to return back over asap. He tells her to make certain no person sees her. She does now no longer thoughts however he nonetheless inform her to be careful. Nandini concurs.

Purvi covers the children with a duvet. She is going to kitchen to get water while she notices Nandini leaving the residence stealthily. Nandini leaves in her car. Purvi wonders in which she went to at this hour.

Nandini comes domestic withinside the morning.

Purvi wakes up. There remains an hour earlier than their alarm time. I will make breakfast for absolutely each person with the aid of using then.

Nandini comes internal quietly. Purvi watches Nandini get rid of her footwear so that you can preserve the noise down. I noticed her leaving at 1 am and it’s far 6 am. Where became she all this even as? I have to ask her. She asks Nandini in which she is coming from. Nandini says I am coming from morning stroll. My whereabouts are none of your business, Mrs. Molkki! Purvi says if you may dare to name me that then dare to inform the reality too. I noticed you leaving the haveli stealthily at 1 am closing night time and you’re coming returned now. You have come right here some days in the past best. It isn’t secure to exit at unusual hours. Being Mukhi ji’s wife, it’s far my proper to understand approximately his daughter’s whereabouts. Nandini says mother and father have a proper to understand approximately their children, now no longer a Molkki. I am 18+ and an adult. It is my proper to vote, to stay and flow round freely as in line with my wish. You aren’t anyt any one to offer me permission or to impeach me! Stay for your limits, Mrs. Molkki! She walks away. Purvi wonders if she have to inform Virender approximately it. No, I need to lower distance among them. I wont inform him whatever until then.

Nandini tells Aarav that she does now no longer have to inform her dad whatever as they proportion no relation anymore. You have to inform your mother and father approximately us though. She notices Purvi’s portrait at the wall and ends the name. She thinks of her convo with Purvi withinside the morning. Prakashi and Anjali come there simply then. Prakashi reminds her how Sakshi’s lovely portrait became right here earlier. This wall regarded so lovely then. This Molkki has placed her photo right here considering she has come right here. Don’t worry, she wont end up Mukhiyayin this way. You and Vir need to educate her this for your very own style. Vir comes there and appears at Purvi’s portrait too. He asks Dadi approximately Sakshi’s picturegraph. Prakashi says she burnt it. She requested Virender and he complied. He placed Molkki’s picturegraph right here instead. They have harm Sakshi a lot. Sakshi became crying badly that day. I couldn’t endure to look it. She asks Anjali if she recollects that day. Anjali nods. Please don’t ring a bell in me of that day. I can’t endure to consider it either. She exaggerates and chefs a story. Nandini says it’s time to take revenge from this Molkki. She pays for everything. Just wait and watch what we can see to her now. Prakashi smiles.

Purvi is kneading dough. Virender asks her what she is making. Purvi says you informed me that Vir and Nandini love halwa puri so I am making it for them. Virender gives to assist her as well. I can do that tons to pacify my irritated children. She smiles. They prepare dinner dinner collectively. Purvi tells Virender that the perfume of this halwa is telling her that it’s far amazing. This will really deliver sweetness for your relation together along with your children. He hopes it come true. She assures him approximately it. I will make puri’s now.