Molkki 12 February 2021 Written Update

The young lady is Sudha. She requests that Purvi leave the person’s hand and agrees with her on a particular stance. Purvi asks how could she come there? Sudha says she needed to consider, so NGO got her affirmation. Purvi says she additionally took affirmation and asks who was the person. Sudha says he is Karan, their senior. Purvi inquires as to why he was pushing her like that? She powerfully takes Sudha to Karan and questions him about his conduct. He says seniors have rights to cloth youngsters and calls them both on patio during mid-day break.

Maa goes out for some work. Priyu thinks nobody is in home, she can ridicule Vaibhav. Virender stays around the school and goes to drink lassi. Sudha asks Purvi for what reason she needed to battle with Karan. She proposes to uncover Purvi is boss’ better half, however Purvi is against that. She discloses to Sudha not to enlighten anybody regarding it.


A young lady comes and reveals to Purvi that she committed an error by meddling with Karan.


Priyu comes to Vaibhav and prods him. He says he didn’t rest entire night due to her misleading complaint and now he needs to rest. He requests that she leave from that point. He attempts to rest. She plays music boisterously. He requests that she shut the music. She says she will not, how will he respond? He attempts to snatch her, yet she moves back and says he can’t do anything to her. He says let him come out, at that point he will slaughter her. She says he can’t do anything and leaves saying she will rest now. She leaves her telephone there, so he can’t rest calmly.

Purvi and Sudha come to patio. Karan says Purvi resembles a lion, however her voice resembles a feline. He says she will do catwalk. She’s confounded. He asks she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to do catwalk? She gestures no. He requests that another young lady show her the best way to do catwalk and afterward advises Purvi to do it now. In any case, she should do it on the porch edge. In the event that she doesn’t do it, at that point they will cause Sudha to do it. Sudha attempts to stop, yet seniors pull her back. Purvi peers down and is unnerved. She takes God’s name and moves up.


A few workers see Virender eating in a bistro and asks what he is doing there. He says he wanted to eat there. They say they saw him on cycle with Purvi. He says, indeed, he came to drop her and recommends they ought to do likewise with their better half’s and little girls.

Purvi begins strolling gradually. Seniors are appreciating. Sudha advises her to be cautious. Workers see Purvi and asks Virender what she’s doing up there. He sees and ponders she came to contemplate or to show stunts. Purvi loses balance and nearly tumbles down. Virender runs, however stops at the line that Purvi drew. He figures what he can do. Karan advises Purvi to say sorry in the event that she needs to quit doing this and before each class, she should take out chicken’s voice. She thinks to keep strolling, however never say sorry to him. She loses her equilibrium again and tumbles down. Seniors race to save her. She shouts for help. She falls in Virender’s arms. She opens her eyes and is mitigated.


Priyu comes to take her telephone. She sees Vaibhav isn’t inside. He fights against eminent loss and gets her. She requests that he leave her and how could he come outside? In flashback, Vaibhav took Bhuri’s assistance and consequently, he gave her cash. Priyu was dozing and Bhuri figured out how to get the keys without her awakening.

Back to introduce, Vaibhav doesn’t tell how he came out and asks what she felt that he will remain inside entire life? He hauls her outside and tosses in his vehicle.

Virender finds out if she is fine. She isn’t in condition to talk, yet says much obliged. He chides her inquiring as to whether anything had happened to her and says on the off chance that she needs to do this, at that point she doesn’t have to come to school from tomorrow. She is a central’s better half and she can remain at home. Karan is stunned. Sudha reveals to Virender that Karan did this. Virender slaps him and inquires as to why he did this.


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