Molkki 11th February 2021 Written Updates

Purvi is gathering her pack for later. Virender advises her to go lethargic. There is no surge. Purvi says my Tau ji used to quibble like you too yet I figure he wasn’t to blame. Individuals become delayed with age. Virender says your Tau may be moderate however I am definitely not. I can do 20 sit ups in a moment. Purvi stays silent. He accepts it as a test and starts doing sit ups. Purvi grins and disregards him. She crashes into him while strolling and tumbles down. He encourages her stand and causes her to sit on the seat. Her lower leg is hyper-extended. She is reluctant to allow him to contact it yet she grumbles of torment. He occupies her by discussing school and fixes her injury. He encourages her stand. She actually gripes of agony. He says I will fix it quite recently. She asks him how he will do



Virender men put Vaibhav in a cell and hand the way to Priyu. Vaibhav says I dint even hit you yet you deceived everybody. Why? Priyu says you dint hit me this time however I won’t ever fail to remember the torment that you have given to me by assaulting me. I have promised to offer you equivalent torment as a trade off.


Bhuri reveals to Anjali that Purvi has been posing such a large number of inquiries. She questions me. Anjali says we should be cautious at that point. Try not to venture out of haveli around evening time for not many days. We will think about an answer after certain days.

Purvi isn’t willing to stand. Virender advises her to have a go at strolling once. There will be a coagulation in your feet on the off chance that you wont take a stab at strolling around. You will become like your Tau. He holds her hands and offers to help her. Keep your feet over mine. She views at him as she steps on his feet. They share an eye lock as they begin strolling around the room holding each other close. They are going to lose balance yet they uphold one another. They continue strolling in that manner. Virender relinquishes her at last. Work on strolling around all alone without help. Purvi attempts and succeeds. Virender says I advised you so.


Next morning, Manas and Juhi wish Purvi karma. She says I am simply going to fill the structure today. they demand that first day is first day as it were. She contacts Virender’s feet to take his gifts. Much obliged to you for allowing me to go to school and for fixing my feet. She leaves in the wake of contacting his feet. He calls her Bawari.

Vaibhav’s mom goes to meet Vaibhav with Priyu. I need to say something to both of you. Vaibhav says there isn’t anything left to say now. You repudiated me as of now. What’s left at this point? She says you have done everything incorrectly as it were. You were attempting to murder your senior sibling and hurt your significant other like that! How is it possible that you would do all that? I lost my cool however can our connection break so without any problem. There is still an ideal opportunity to fix things. Individuals can change in the event that they truly need to.


Swear upon me and guarantee me that you wont hurt your senior sibling again and will live joyfully with your significant other. Vaibhav thinks to say yes to get her on his side. He guarantees her. I will be a decent sibling, a decent spouse and a decent person. She kisses his hand and demands Priyu to excuse Vaibhav. Purvi is so savvy. She has changed Virender. You also will do a similar right? Priyu concurs. I will transform him for great. I even welcomed his companions here as he can’t head outside. Vaibhav’s mom gestures. Vaibhav considers what she will do now.

Purvi arrives at school. Understudies take a gander at her. She resembles a rich spoilt rascal. Purvi overlooks them. She remains in the line and requests pen. Women talk about how she is wearing costly garments, gems yet doesn’t have a pen. Purvi feels awful. Others mock her again when she sits in the vehicle. She feels awful however doesn’t respond.

Children are having a great time at home. Purvi meets the children. She shares that her affirmation is finished. Manas shares that Babbar Sher has been getting some information about her. Virender requests Purvi once more. He sees her there. Children get occupied once more. Virender inquires as to whether her affirmation happened easily. Purvi says it needed to occur as I had scored extraordinary imprints. He says you continue to adulate yourself constantly. She mentions to him what occurred in school today.

Kindly get me another cycle or let me utilize an old one in the event that you can. He informs her to think regarding his picture atleast. Manas advises her to utilize his cycle if necessary. Purvi expresses gratitude toward him pleasantly. She goes to Virender. He is more astute than you. She goes higher up with the kids.Everyone watches Virender and Purvi in amazement. He applies brake as a lady shows up all of a sudden. Purvi holds Virender firmly.

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