Preeti reveals to her that the children will be glad now as Purvi is back. Purvi grins. She heads to Anjali’s room straightaway. Purvi thinks assuming I am correct that Anjali and Jyoti were the hooligans, those garments should be in the room. I should discover them. She begins looking through the room. She tracks down the dark garments and the monkey cap in the room. I think about those hooligans now! She takes the garments with her.

Virender inquires as to whether Anjali and Jyoti attempted to take her gems from her room in her nonattendance. They likewise attached Juhi to a seat. Purvi advises him to inquire as to whether he needs. Fortunately, I was on video call with Manas. He figured out how to drive them off. She shows him the robot recording. They are Anjali and Jyoti as it were. Virender says I can just see 2 individuals wearing 2 garments however how might I be certain they are Anjali and Jyoti as it were. Purvi centers around Anjali’s ring. She wears it. Virender looks carefully. Purvi inquires as to whether he confides in her now. It wasn’t any irregular hooligans however Anjali and Jyoti in mask! Read more….