Next morning, Sakshi is in the nursery. She sees Purvi picking the dry garments. For what reason would you say you are doing this? Purvi says I have been doing this since day 1. Allow me to do it till the time I am here. Sakshi says I don’t have a clue how to bless your heart. You are taking separation from Mukhi ji just to ensure we as a whole are glad.

You have helped out on me and the children. Purvi advises her not to humiliate her. Nobody else would be more joyful than me subsequent to realizing that all of you will be content. Sakshi says you also are a piece of our family.

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A piece of our family is severing a result of me. Purvi advises her not to censure herself for any of this. I was bound to go through this since day 1. I have surrendered to it now. My bliss lies in your joy. Sakshi embraces her. I don’t have the foggiest idea how to bless your heart. You have accomplished such a great deal for me and surprisingly saved my life. You took care of my joy like a little sister and you are neglecting them for the good of I now.

You’re not even reluctant. I will always remember this blessing. I will miss you definitely. Purvi says you have given me a great deal of regard and love in this house. Much obliged to you. I won’t fail to remember that ever. I actually got self centered however you didn’t. I’m doing to acquire my family while you are glad even in the wake of quitting any pretense of everything. Much thanks to you, Purvi. Title track plays. Purvi goes to awaken kids.