He is your Baba. Nandini says you even know my name. I figure Mukhi ji would have disclosed to you everything. Right, Mukhi ji? Virender cautions her to mind her tongue and calls her Nandu. She doesn’t look cheerful. You reserve no option to call me Nandu. Try not to consider me that! You are just the Mukhi of this town who moves on the tune of this Molkki! Virender attempts to stop her however Vir advises her not to build Mukhi ji’s BP. Leave him alone with his Molkki. His life will be energized. I brought an amazement for them. Come in! Prakashi and Anjali enter all of a sudden. Virender scowls at them. Nandini embraces them individually. Virender asks them how they dare return to his home.

Vir advises him to bring down his volume. I concur that she is your mom who you don’t regard yet I regard my Dadi a ton. If it’s not too much trouble, address our Dadi with deference. Prakashi inquires as to whether this is house. Reconsider prior to saying that. Virender says now I understand why you are as yet remaining steadfast. I comprehended that you have called them here. This is your game. She denied. This is your destiny. I’m just a medium. It was God’s desire when you tossed me out of this haveli yet this is additionally God’s desire that I am back. You grabbed all that had a place with me. Presently attempt to grab what’s theirs!

Nandini reveals to Virender that they, four children, are land owners. He more likely than not got a duplicate of their mom’s will. Presently rather than Prakashi and Anjali, it will be him and his ‘molkki’ who will take off from the house. Prakashi grins as Virender and Purvi stroll towards the entryway. Read More….