Purvi thanks the master for settling contrasts among her and Virender and finishing Priyu’s marriage. Virender comes and says, your sister marriage is done at this point. Offer a reprieve to Kanha ji now. She says she was trying to say much obliged. He advises her to rest now. She takes a pad from his hand saying she can just lay down with that pad. He says he took it first. Both attempt to grab it from one another. He gets a throb in his back. She says why he was grabbing it from her. In mature age, they shouldn’t do it. Same happens to her uncle. He says he is as yet youthful. She mumbles, I realize how youthful you are. He takes a gander at her. She requests that he rests and she will give a back rub on his back. He cherishes the back rub. His agony is fine, yet thinks to allow her to accomplish more. She asks why he’s grinning. She gets he’s

tricking her. She says it appears as though it’s tormenting him all over the place. There is just a single answer for that at that point. She takes out needles. He gets frightened and says he’s totally fine. She says she realizes he was simply acting. His agony disappeared in the wake of seeing the needles. He says, it disappeared due to her delicate hands. He gives her the pad in end.

Vaibhav goes to his room. He thinks in the event that Priyu isn’t there, at that point where would she be able to go? She emerges from washroom. She asks what he believed that she will spruce up and hang tight for him in the bed? Whatever he thought won’t occur, so he better rest on couch discreetly. He says it’s his bed, he will rest in his bed. She says, not any longer. He attempts to snatch her hand. She says not to attempt to contact her. In the event that she shouts and Virender comes, at that point he won’t extra him. He discreetly takes a pad and goes on couch. Purvi says that is excellent. She at that point tells the children that Virender is terrified of needles.

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