Molkki 01 February 2021 Written update

Virender carries Purvi to do the gathbandhan (tie). Vaibhav and Priyu support the pheres (7 rounds). Anjali comes and says stop, this marriage can’t occur. Maa asks her where she went out of nowhere. Anjali requests that she check the envelope that she brought and afterward choose whether Priyu is worth to be little girl in-law of their home. Maa requests that she hold her voice down and what’s in that envelope.

Anjali says reality that was kept stowed away from them. Jyoti and Vaibhav are remembered as Anjali made it on schedule. Purvi considers what’s this new show now? Anjali requests that Virender check the envelope. He requests that she read it. Anjali shows an early termination report from the clinic. Purvi gets strained and considers how Anjali got some answers concerning that. Maa mentions to Anjali what hogwash. Anjali says it’s not hogwash, Priyu had a sweetheart before marriage and she got pregnant. This is the report for that youngster’s early termination.


Maa finds out if that is valid. Regardless of whether she knew all that? Purvi says indeed, whatever Anjali said is valid. She at that point goes to Maa and says Priyu isn’t the simply one to be accused for that. She adored the person a ton. He vowed to wed Priyu, yet then he left her. Priyu had no other choice, yet to cut short the youngster. In the event that she didn’t do that, at that point she would not have had the option to confront the general public. Society wouldn’t allow her to live. Today same society is charging Priyu. Anjali says rather accusing Priyu wrong, she’s accusing her/general public? Is it accurate to say that she was additionally engaged with cutting short Priyu’s kid? Maa requests that Anjali stay silent, however she continues to say sick regarding Priyu. Purvi raises her voice and advises her, enough at this point.


She can’t simply say anything regarding Priyu’s character. Anjali says she isn’t saying much the same as that. She is saying whatever is in the report. She requests that Virender check the report himself. He understands it. Anjali advises him to choose now whether Vaibhav should in any case get hitched to Priyu. He says Priyu previously languished over her mix-up. She needed to cut short youngster in light of that person. That person is likewise answerable for what occurred. He fled from his duties. What’s more, as a result of that Priyu needed to cut off. It is anything but a wrongdoing to cherish somebody. Wrongdoing would be on the off chance that they rebuff Priyu today. That was her past, this marriage is her present.

They can’t demolish her present for her past. As far as he might be concerned, Priyu is guiltless. It’s Vaibhav who did a wrongdoing and rather sending him to imprison, Priyu consented to wed him. Priyu saved them from getting humiliated. This marriage will occur, regardless. His dad concurs with him. Virender tears the report. Priyu sits on her knees and expresses gratitude toward Virender for saving her life. She won’t ever fail to remember his courtesy. He causes her to get up and calls Maa there. Maa discloses to Purvi not to cry, she should be grinning in her marriage. She requests that she go room and spruce up. Anjali is irate as her arrangement fizzled. Purvi discloses to Virender that she needs to converse with him in alone.


Maa apologizes to the visitors for such stoppage in marriage. She says soon ceremonies will resume and demands everybody to give their gifts to the couple. Anjali thinks about what she can do now to stop the marriage. In a room, Virender asks Purvi what’s wrong? For what reason would she say she is crying at this point? She says today he made her cry! The manner in which he remained strong with Purvi and Priyu, she felt like he’s her family. He procured a ton of regard today. Like a dad, the manner in which he upheld and saved Priyu, she won’t ever fail to remember this kindness. She was consistently dismal for one thing that he doesn’t believe her, yet after what he did today, her distress isn’t anything before that. She upset him a great deal in most recent couple of days. She ought to have come clean with him rather fleeing. Him accusing Purvi wrong was not off-base by any means. She actually kept annoyed with him. He said sorry so often. She discussed him being her slave too. She overlap her hands and says sorry for all the inconveniences and mix-ups. He causes her to sit and says no issue. He wipes her tears and says on the off chance that she won’t do that, at that point who will do? Manas and Juhi? She snickers. He requests that she fail to remember everything now and grin. She grins. She says something more. He overlap his hands now (facetiously) and asks what’s left at this point. She, dislike that. She finds out if he can do Priyu’s kanyadan. He says, indeed, senseless. I will do kanyadan. He advises her to bring her sister now. They need to do kanyadan together, right. She stops and asks, together? He says he is happy that she picked him to do the kanyadan, yet he will be more happy in the event that they do it together.

She gestures yes. He leaves advising her to carry Priyu to mandap. Opposite side, Vaibhav advises Anjali to accomplish something before this marriage occurs. She guaranteed him that she won’t allow this union with occur what not. Presently what? She caught him. She says she didn’t trap him, he caught himself. Nonetheless, she will stay faithful to her commitment. He asks what’s her arrangement now? She says she should wed Jyoti. He is stunned.


He finds out if she is in her detects. On the off chance that he needed to wed, he would have done it in London. He simply doesn’t have any desire to get hitched. She says he has no alternate way. He thinks to save from Priyu, he should wed Jyoti. He can trick her and handle her without any problem. He concurs. Jyoti is upbeat. Purvi is preparing Priyu. Anjali comes there with Jyoti. Read more….

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