Molki 04 February 2021 Written Update

They chuckle. Virender calls Purvi and educates her that he needs to go out for a land bargain. His shirt catch’s has come out. He requests that she send somebody. She says she will do it. He was removing the shirt, however she asks him not to. She will do much the same as that. He watches her as she does sewing and grins.

She goes nearer to break the string with her mouth. Both look in every others eyes. He gets squeezed with the needle and shouts. She says she will do gradually. She at that point educates about children taking an interest in their school’s yearly capacity. She says it will be incredible on the off chance that he can help her in planning kids.


He finds out if kids go to class to consider or to do dramatization. She says all children take an interest. Such exercises are additionally needed alongside considers. He says he doesn’t have time. She is a decent dramebaaz, she can educate them. She leaves. He converses with himself that he is a boss, not an actor.Face uncovering function begins. Anjali and Jyoti can’t hear visitors applauding Priyu. Purvi is eager to go, however Sudha quits saying they are “molkki”, not ordinary bahus/spouses. Molkkis don’t have rights to do functions that a wedded lady does. Purvi says why? How they can be unique in relation to different women?


They additionally got hitched a similar way. Sudha says it’s only for saying, yet they don’t have those rights. Virender hears it. Purvi is miserable. Maa inquires as to whether anybody is left at this point. Virender says, one suhagan is left. Maa glances around and says everybody did it. He says, Purvi will participate in the function as well. Purvi is enjoyably amazed. Read More…..


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