Mobile Charging tips: – In today’s era, mobiles have increased a lot because they are very much needed, every work has been incomplete except mobile, in the earlier times, if there were no mobiles, people would spend their time playing and jumping around. Used to spend, but in the present time, mobiles have come, so when people do not have any work, they use mobiles. Today, if we talk about tomorrow, then two or three phones are found in every house. The need of mobiles has increased a lot in the recent past.

सेकंड हैंड मोबाइल लेने से पहले

In the same way, we are more concerned with mobile charging than we can use mobile, because its battery has to be charged again and again, so you sleep by charging your mobile at night that the mobile full charge in the morning It may have been done, by doing this many times your mobile battery also gets damaged and you again make the same mistake that you sleep by charging the phone at night and when you see it in the morning, that mobile would not have been charged, its The reason may also be that you do not charge your mobile properly, you do not know how to charge the mobile. That is why we have brought tips for you to charge the mobile properly, how to charge the mobile properly so that its battery is not spoiled and it gets charged quickly. And we are going to tell you where you make a mistake in charging, and you have to rectify that mistake as soon as possible, so let’s start. Mobile Charging tips

No lies about mobile charging

We have heard many times that charging the mobile again and again causes it to go bad, that is why you also think that charging the mobile again and again spoils the mobile, it is wrong, nothing like this happens.
Mobile charge should be done soon. Angry should be completely exhausted. It is very well advised that you should not do this, it is very wrong to do so.

Charge your phone correctly

  • Likewise, unplug the mobile when charged. And you have to take care after charging the mobile, and to check that the battery is full, then it is the right solution to separate it from the mobile charger.
  • We should never think of charging the mobile 100%, we know that every person likes to charge 100% mobile, but it is wrong to do so, rather the mobile should be unloaded at less than 100%.
  • Many people say that charging the mobile repeatedly does not harm the mobile battery, charging the mobile again and again does not damage the mobile battery, but whenever you get time, charge the mobile Should be taken. It is good to charge the mobile from time to time, it does not affect the mobile at all. This also does not damage the mobile battery. And the battery of the mobile would also be charged well.
  • Similarly, when we charge the mobile, it gets hot, but especially for those who use Apple’s phone, it is necessary that the mobile should sing four hearts without the grave. Meaning that when we charge the mobile, the mobile te cover should be removed. With this, the mobile will not be hot anymore, similarly if the mobile is getting sunny then put the cover on it.

Note: While charging the mobile, it is especially important to keep in mind that the charger of the mobile should be right, and where the charger should be the same phone, do not use any duplicate charger.