Pallavi scolds him. Then Pallavi tells Raghav that she has some thing on her mind. Raghav tells he is aware of that once the puja combat among Mandar and Sunny they could lure him. Pallavi tells they could threaten Sunny with Keerti’s call. Sunny in his residence remembers his combat with Mandar and begins offevolved consuming alcohol.

Pallavi makes Raghav go away the room however Raghav hugs her outdoor the room. Then they each hears the Telugu tune and that they wonders in which it’s far coming from. They each sees Sharda is the only who activate the song and tells Sharda desired to mention some thing to them.

Pallavi asks Sharda who blinks her eyes once. Pallavi tells Raghav it’s their code language. Sharda takes Mandar’s call then suggests Raghav’s telecellsmartphone. After that takes Mansi’s call. Pallavi remembers whilst she gave Mansi’s telecellsmartphone to Mansi the alternative day and says to Raghav in Mansi’s cellular they may be going to get a few data approximately Mandar for sure.

Raghav asks how they may be going to get it from Mansi. Pallavi receives an concept she then thank you Sharda and calls her Superhero even in this case locating a manner to assist them. Raghav tells they cant allow Sharda’s hardwork is going vain. Pallavi tells Raghav that Mansi won’t provide her cellular to her however to him. Raghav receives confused.

The subsequent day Raghav takes the tray in his hand to visit Sulochana’s room however receives scared and asks Pallavi to head. Pallavi tells Raghav he can simplest capable of do this. Raghav tells Pallavi that Sulochana may also do some thing to him. Pallavi tells that’s what she wishes and asks him to behave as in step with her plan. Raghav refuses to head so Pallavi threatens him with a knife so Raghav agrees. Pallavi knocks Sulochana’s room door and hides herself. Raghav enters the room whilst he hears Sulochana asks to go into with a juice in his hand. Seeing Raghav Sulochana receives satisfied and asks him he offered this for her. Raghav as Sawpnil symptoms and symptoms at her. Pallavi asks Rama to do what he advised him to. Sulochana asks Swapnil why he’s involved. Rama enters the room as Prakash and says to Sulochana that Swapnil’s own circle of relatives wishes him to get married the second one time however his cellular isn’t always operating to inform them that he likes a person else so asks them to cancel their marriage plans for him. Sulochana asks Raghav to take her cellular and offers Mansi’s cellular to him. Raghav attempts to take it however Sulochana holds tightly and asks him who he likes. Raghav drops the whole lot then takes the cellular and leaves the place.

Mandar sees the fellow outdoor his residence. He tells that man he executed a lot for him now anymore. The man threatens to out Mandar’s video withinside the net then asks him to satisfy his this desire after that he wont make him do some thing for him. Mandar tells he’s going to reflect onconsideration on it. Pallavi tells Farhad approximately Raghav’s response whilst Sulochana wondered him approximately who he likes and laughs at him. Raghav tells that Sulochana would possibly have executed some thing to him. Pallavi tells she is there to store him. Then they open Mansi’s cellular and hears the report wherein Mandar is speaking to Mansi approximately laptop. Farhad tells Raghav and Pallavi that he’s going to ask the store owner. Mandar calls Raghav and tells him there’s a child who desires to take photo with him however Raghav asks him to prevent his nonsense and cuts the call. Farhad informs Raghav and Pallavi Mandar certainly offered a brand new laptop. Raghav and Pallavi is aware the fellow is the only who asking Mandar to take a photo with Raghav Raghav that’s why Mandar known as him. Raghav then tells he has an concept. Pallavi tells Raghav that she is scaring him.

Later Pallavi is going to Mandar’s room and asks him why he’s involved and tensed and tells they cam ship some other divorce paper to Raghav. Mandar stops himself from spilling the reality to Pallavi. Pallavi then leaves the room pronouncing she can be able to ee-e book rub down remedy for him to get relaxed. She then appears at Mandar and says to herself that there isn’t always such a lot of greater days left to Mandar from getting punished. Sunny lashes out at Keerti then tells that he wont prevent till he’s taking revenge from Mandar. He then is going to fulfill Raghav. Raghav says that Sunny is the only who’s going to assist him get to understand approximately the fellow. He then asks Sunny that he desired to extrade his boss. Sunny tells Raghav that he don’t have any boss additionally its him who desired his assist. Raghav appears at Sunny.

Raghav and Pallavi receives romantic. Mandar calls Pallavi’s call then receives shocked. Raghav and Mandar receives right into a combat. Mandar places the knife beneathneath Pallavi’s throat and asks Raghav to shoot himself otherwise he’s going to kill Pallavi. Raghav places the gun on his brow and receives teary eyed. Pallavi struggles to unfastened herself from Mandar’s hold.