The scene begins with Pallavi and Raghav gets stunned seeing Pallavi and Raghav there. Sharda asks what’s going on here. Sulochana says that what Keerti told is going on here and says currently take a gander at Pallavi’s genuine nature thank god Vijay tossed her outside.


Sulochana says that Pallavi get an opportunity to turn into a rich individual she is utilizing it and says in light of her what society will say currently regarding their family don’t have a clue. Sulochana says that Pallavi consistently said that Sharda and Vijay is her god and requests that Sharda see how Pallavi dealt with her God’s. Sulochana says to Sharda now she can ready to perceive what sort of lady Pallavi is. Sharda requests that Sulochana shut her mouth. Sharda asks Pallavi what’s going on with she? Why she is doing this and request that she come clean.

Sharda at that point says she realizes Raghav probably accomplished something that is the reason Pallavi chooses to wed him and says to Pallavi that she will change a huge number of Raghav like him to turn into a decent individual and requests that Pallavi say what occurred. Pallavi will not utter a word. Sharda says to Pallavi that she realizes she won’t utter a word and request that she accompany her then she hauls Pallavi with her. Raghav gets stunned. Pallavi prevents herself from heading outside. Sharda inquires as to why she isn’t moving.


Pallavi asks to Sharda where they are going. Sharda says to Pallavi that to their home. Pallavi asks Sharda to which house the house where Vijay tossed her out in the center of the evening, the house where Raghav said such countless awful words against her and everybody trusted him. Sharda says that she and Pallavi can remain with some other house. Pallavi gets some information about Vijay? Also, says Vijay may tossed her out yet to her Vijay is a major part of her life and asks Sharda how is it possible that she would imagine that she will consented to leave Vijay be the point at which his ailment isn’t acceptable. Pallavi says that their family may not consider as her own she will stress over her relatives.

Sulochana says to Pallavi why she is acting, why not she is saying that she needs a rich, extravagant life. Pallavi yells and says yes she needs an extravagant life and what’s Sulochana’s concern at that point asks Sulochana even she needs her little girl to get hitched to rich man so what’s going on in the event that she does this. At that point Pallavi requests that Sulochana not to cross her cutoff points. Sharda says to Pallavi that she will do anything as she asks her to however request that Pallavi not to wed since he is the person who accomplished such a great deal against her.


Sharda asks Pallavi is she will go with her or not. Pallavi pivots. Pallavi believes that she will deliver retribution from Raghav and goes to the Mandap and says time is proceeding to request that Raghav wear her Mangalsutra. Raghav wears her Mangalsutra. Sharda cries and leaves the spot. Sulochana likewise leaves the spot. Raghav says to Pallavi Congratulations that the two of them are hitched now. Pallavi takes a gander at Raghav and thinks today she brought her family’s Happiness by wedding him.

Today onwards Vijays medical issue won’t go down, Mansi’s marriage won’t stop and nobody will point at Amrutas character. At that point Pallavi figures she may not understand what’s Raghav will get from their marriage yet her solitary objective us to give him tears and issues through this marriage. Raghav grins and toss the blossom festoon and says to Pallavi that she needs to recollect this marriage is only an arrangement among them and eliminates her bloom wreath from her and discards it.


Jaya and Keerti arrives at the house with Farhad. Pallavi falls unknowingly on the floor. Raghav requests Pallavi what kind from new show is this and requests that she awaken. Raghav at that point says that she in fact falls unwittingly and takes her higher up. Farhad comes and asks what occurred, Raghav requests that Farhad call specialist in light of the fact that Pallavi is in oblivious state. Jaya and Keerti takes a gander at one another worriedly.

Raghav places Pallavi in his bed and covers her with a sheet. At that point attempts to contact her brow at that point chooses not to. Jaya comes there and asks Raghav what’s going on here. Raghav requests that she unwind and says Pallavi us focused because of the absence of time before their marriage and request that Jaya not to stress. Raghav at that point says Jaya to be content as their family is brought together and says that he orchestrated an excellent welcome gathering for her. Jaya says then what regarding his marriage work.

Raghav says he orchestrated both capacity today itself as it were. Jaya asks Raghav for what good reason Pallavi’s relatives not went to the marriage and says that Keerti previously revealed to her that Raghav accomplished something inept that is the reason this marriage is occurring yet I overlooked her words and asks Raghav that their this connection between them isn’t beginning a bogus note right. Raghav says to Jaya that she is thinking excessively and asks her not to stress at that point leaves. Jaya chooses to call Sharda however her call went to inaccessible.


In the clinic Vijay says to Sharda that he was released and Nikhil out there is completing the customs. Sharda says that everything is finished. At that point says that in view of him just today Pallavi is in some defenseless circumstance and chooses to wed Raghav. Vijay takes a gander at Sharda.

Sharda says that she won’t ever excuse Pallavi for her this choice and yet she has made such enormous stride in light of Vijay just and says to Vijay that she won’t ever pardon him for isolating her girl from her. Sharda goes to the house and gets Happy seeing Vijays main tune which Pallavi used to play is playing and quest for her. Vijay tosses and says that for them Pallavi is dead and asks nobody in the family to not make reference to her name.

Pallavi awakens. Keerti comes and says that specialist said she has low BP that is the reason she went to oblivious state and says that she got a call from Krishna who said that Vijay is released from the medical clinic. Pallavi thanks god. Keerti asks Pallavi that she know Very well that something incorrectly is occurred in this marriage and requests that she say. Jaya comes there and sits close by Pallavi and requests that she say what’s up. Pallavi says nothing. Jaya says that she is the person who put condition at Raghav to wed her. Pallavi gets stunned and asks what.

Jaya says dont she know at that point says that she met Sharda a day or two ago and she discussed Pallavi’s marriage and afterward she chooses to request that Raghav wed her. Pallavi reviews Raghav’s words and thinks that their child is a barbaric. Jaya and Keerti asks Pallavi is all is well among her and Raghav. Raghav comes there and says no. Pallavi takes a gander at him. Read More……..

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