Sulochana Says To Mansi That She Is Happy Seeing Vijay And Milinds Fight. Mansi Tells That They Will Get Together Soon Also Sharda Is With Milind Also So It’s Not Easy To Separate Them. Sulochana Says That She Is Going To Play A Game And The Results Will Come Out On Their Favor But The Blame Will Goes To Raghav And Pallavi. Pallavi Enters The House.

Jaya Says To Pallavi That She Is Going To Her Friends House And Leaves. The Worker Says That They Found Her Mobile So Pallavi Gets Happy But Seeing That Switch Off She Decides To Put On The Charger. Raghav Enters The House And Decides To Tell Pallavi The Truth. Pallavi Sees The Recording Once Her Mobile Switch On Then Gets Shocked Hearing That Recording.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4 July 2021 Written Update

Raghav Enters The Room Then He Looks Confused Seeing Pallavi’s Face And Asks Her What Happened To Her. Pallavi Says That She Has A Recording Of Him. Raghav Thinks That He May Confessed The Truth To Pallavi In His Drunken State. Pallavi Holds Raghav’s Shirt And Asks Him How Could He Do This To Her. Raghav Stands Still.