Pallavi is going to Raghav however Mandar stops her and says right here divorce papers and I need to reveal you some thing special, Pallavi asks what, Mandar says our engagement ring, Pallavi says very quite, Mandar says I couldn’t get steeply-priced one now, however will in future. Pallavi thinks I need to speak to Raghav however this Mandar.

Jaya says Raghav don’t examine Pallavi, she is asking directly at us and it’s miles clean that she has discovered we’re at the back of some thing, Raghav says don’t inform anything.

Mandar says Pallavi signal after which we are able to trade jewelry after feature. Pallavi thinks Raghav didn’t take any motion what is going to she do next.

Pre cap:Sunny and Kirti dancing.
Sharda symptoms and symptoms Pallavi that Raghav has gun. Pallavi says this indicates Raghav goes to kill Mandar, Pallavi creates a diversion.