The episode begins offevolved with the physician asks Pallavi to take a seat down at the back of Raja with the auto due to the fact the state of affairs and the region they’re going is new. Pallavi appears at Raghav who receives in the automobile angrily. Pallavi nods on the physician then asks Krishna to take a seat down withinside the passenger seat. Raghav then appears at Raja and Pallavi via the reflect and receives angry. Vijay asks Mansi to fold the saree properly. Sulochana comes and tells that Vijay love Mango shake so she goes to make it for him then appears at Amruta and tells that she can be able to make it a touch extra and if all people needs they are able to have it.

The door bell earrings so Amruta is going and opens the door and receives satisfied seeing Raghav and Pallavi so invitations them. Raghav and Pallavi appears returned Mandar comes there. Amruta receives taken aback and tells Mandar dada. Everyone receives taken aback. Vijay is going to the entrance and asks Pallavi wherein did she meet Mandar. Pallavi asks Vijay that they are able to move inner and he or she will provide an explanation for everything. They all is going inner however Mandar remains outdoor. Pallavi sees Mandar so asks him to return back inner announcing that is his residence handiest. Pallavi tells Vijay can be Mandar is his son.

Pallavi introduces Vijay as his father to Mandar then introduces Sulochana, Mansi and Amruta. Then she takes the own circle of relatives picturegraph body after which factors Sharda and says that she is his mom who cherished him a lot additionally factors at Nikhil and Milind and tells that it’s his more youthful brother and uncle. Mandar tells that he dont consider all people all he recollects is Pallavi’s call and asks what form of dating they have. Pallavi turns into speechless and all of the different receives taken aback. Raghav tells Mandar that except DNA file comes he has to hold a distance now no longer handiest from Pallavi however additionally from the complete own circle of relatives.

Vijay asks Pallavi Mandar doesn’t consider something approximately his past. Pallavi tells sure and that’s one of the cause she sold Mandar to this residence this could assist him regain his reminiscence. Vijay is going to Mandar and asks him dont he consider his father. Pallavi is going to Raghav who tells her that they’re getting overdue so that they should go away. Pallavi is of the same opinion then she tells Mandar that the own circle of relatives will assist him advantage his reminiscence returned additionally she can be able to come frequently to satisfy him, he’s absolutely secure right here.

Raghav and Pallavi approximately to depart however Sulochana stops Pallavi through announcing that her first husband Mandar is right here so why she isn’t always being with him. Raghav and Pallavi receives taken aback. Mandar asks her first husband then he appears at Pallavi and says can be that’s the cause why he recollects her call alone. Raghav asks Pallavi that they are able to go away however Mandar holds Pallavi’s hand. Raghav pushes Mandar and warns him and tells that Pallavi changed into his spouse however now she belongs to him..

Mandar asks Raghav domt he listen what they said. Raghav tells that he’s individual who dont have his very own individual they’ll see what takes place after the DNA file comes out. Mandar attempts to hit Raghav however Pallavi stops each of them then says to Mandar that she can be able to come to the residence frequently and leaves the residence with Raghav. Sulochana and Mansi enjoys.

Raghav involves his room angrily. Pallavi additionally enters the room. They each appears at every different. Pallavi sits on her bed. Then she searches for some thing so Raghav asks her what’s looking for. Pallavi then reveals their marriage picturegraph and tells they are able to positioned it of their room. Raghav is of the same opinion and tells he has extra pix they are able to body and places of their room roo. Pallavi tells they’ll do a marriage shoot then they’ll positioned all of the pix of their room with a view to lead everybody to recognise that they’re husband and spouse. Jaya comes there and takes each of them with her.

Jaya tells Raghav and Pallavi setting their imagegraph wont deliver the validation approximately their dating that she is aware of each of them are disillusioned and concerned after Mandar’s arrival however the splendor of the connection is to check the imperfect couples to combat in opposition to all of the strange to make their dating best one. Jaya advices each Raghav and Pallavi to agree with every different and now no longer to depart the opposite individual’s returned irrespective of what after which combat in opposition to the sector and its trouble together. Then she leaves the room. Raghav and Pallavi appears at every different.

Pallavi places her hand in Raghav’s and tells him that irrespective of what she can be with him. She then tells that he’s the only who taught her maintaining fingers way they should be there for the individual irrespective of what the state of affairs is likewise he’s the only who made her realize even she is worth sufficient to cherished through different’s. Read More…..