Episode begins offevolved with Raghav is going to the blood financial institution in which already Pallavi is waiting. He seems on the ambulance so he is going to look who the driving force is however Mandar leaves the place. Raghav asks Mandar’s buddy he’s the only who come to his residence night time right. Mandar’s buddy tells it’s now no longer him, his buddy and suggests Mandar’s ambulance van. Raghav leaves the place. Mandar’s buddy calls a person.

Krishna tells Pallavi that they’re watching for a physician however he isn’t always right here yet. A female comes and asks Pallavi what she desires to recognise approximately Raja. Pallavi tells that she desires to recognise some thing approximately Raja. The female asks Pallavi’s call and receives greatly surprised listening to her call however Pallavi tells it’s a not unusualplace call to which the female says its now no longer a not unusualplace call for Raja after which says it’s now no longer an area to speak approximately this so asks Pallavi to return back to her hospital there they are able to communicate. Pallavi concurs.

Raghav follows the ambulance and asks Mandar to forestall however he speeds the ambulance. Raghav in some way stops the ambulance however Mandar overtakes and leaves the place. Raghav follows the ambulance. Then he sees the ambulance however with out every person internal so he searches for the character.

Mandar hits Raghav from in the back of, Raghav falls to the floor and blood comes out in the back of his head so Mandar comes to a decision to name for help. Raghav seems at Mandar then is going and disguise himself. Mandar seems in the back of and doesn’t discover Raghav so he searches for him. Raghav assaults Mandar from in the back of they each receives right into a combat. Pallavi sees Raghav so she stops the auto and is going toward Raghav. Raghav asks Pallavi what’s she doing.

Hearing Pallavi’s call Mandar turns round and appears at her. Pallavi receives greatly surprised seeing Mandar and tells his call. Raghav seems at Mandar and remembers the twist of fate day. The physician asks Mandar why he’s preventing with to which Mandar says that his buddy referred to as and knowledgeable him that Raghav is following and suddenly he began out attacking which result in the combat. Pallavi asks Raghav what’s he doing right here. Raghav tells Pallavi that he’s right here to discover Mandar. Pallavi receives greatly surprised and tells Raghav even she is right here for the same.

Raghav asks Pallavi don’t she suppose that is essential to tell him. Pallavi remains silent. The female physician tells that all of them have such a lot of questions of their thoughts in order that they ought to take a seat down and communicate to.every different then Only they’ll get an answer so she asks them to return back to the hospital.

Keerti tells Jaya if Mandar is alive there’ll no case towards Sunny. Jaya asks Keerti that why she is in the back of Sunny and considering him Only don’t she recognise if Mandar is alive what is going to manifest to Raghav and Pallavi. Keerti tells that she dont care what takes place of their lifestyles. Jaya asks whilst she grow to be a egocentric character. Keerti tells that she isn’t always a egocentric character additionally Pallavi is the only who snatched her happiness and he or she in no way did some thing for this own circle of relatives however her ex husband’s own circle of relatives. Jaya receives greatly surprised.

Keerti tells first Pallavi doesnt have a unmarried husband now she has husband to spend time with. Jaya slaps Keerti so Keerti receives irritated and leaves the place. Raghav Pallavi Krishna Mandar and the physician involves the hospital in which Mandar and Raghav receives first aid. Then the female tells precisely to years again the local community discover Mandar withinside the forest, seeing his circumstance it gave the look of a person thrown him from up. She tells that she is the only who handled Mandar and whilst Mandar receives focus he didnt do not forget any of his beyond so she offer him her out residence additionally made him do a process withinside the blood financial institution.

Pallavi receives greatly surprised. Raghav tells Pallavi that they cant allow our feelings rule they ought to suppose Practically Especially it’s approximately Mandar and asks the female is she a Mother Teresa seeing a person and assisting that character with out informing the police. The physician suggests them.her grievance additionally the paper wherein she published approximately Mandar. Pallavi tells that she didnt see this information to which the physician says that she idea he have to be from neighborhood so she made the advert withinside the neighborhood paper. The physician then asks Pallavi to take Mandar to the housec announcing he might also additionally bear in mind seeing different human beings from the own circle of relatives.

Raghav refuses and tells that they have got to take DNA check first. The physician tells Pallavi DNA check will take time which can do it however as of now requested to take Mandar to the residence. Pallavi concurs. Raghav receives irritated at Pallavi’s decision.

Pallavi tells Raghav that the harm he were given now could be a bit top than his preceding wound so it’ll remedy soon. The physician brings Mandar to Raghav’s vehicle. Raghav offers Mandar his vehicle keys. Mandar’s buddy comes there and asks to allow him live with Mandar, Pallavi concurs for that too. Read More………