Vijay scolds Sulochana for giving him Pasta and now no longer Dal, Roti, Milind praying. Vijay scolds Sulochana aays its raw too what’s this, Sulochana says I am now no longer a chef right here thta you need a complete path meal, Mansi walks to them and says precisely and if that is so name your spouse again, Sulochana says devour what you’ve got got or order.

Sunny calls Kirti and says appearance for your left, Jaya says Kirti shall we cross inside, Kirti says I will purchase drugs and come, Jaya says k and leaves, Kirti is going and hug Sunny, Kirti tells Sunny approximately Raghav’s reminiscence loss, Sunny says that is give up of Raghav and Pallavi’s love story, Kirti asks what do you mean.

Pallavi happy, considering instances whilst Raghav took care of her, she imagines peoples asking her to explicit her emotions to Raghav, she dashes into nurse sporting roses and all petals over her and he or she catches a rose and smiles. Nurse makes Pallavi realize she is imagining matters and he or she has dropped all roses and created mess. Krishna says to Pallavi this creativeness is what your coronary heart wants.

Pallavi seems at herself in glass door, Krishna fingers her make up pallet, Pallavi touches up.
Jaya and Kirti with Raghav, Raghav asks Jaya to take him to Pallavi as she may be very upset, Jaya says you can’t cross out, study yourself, Kirti says and he or she cares she can be able to return, Raghav says I harm her loads in call of prank, Jaya says I will name her, Pallavi walks in Jaya smiles, Jaya says Kirti let’s cross.

Kirti and Jaya leave, Pallavi walks to Raghav, Raghav says Pallavi I’m in reality very sorry I didn’t need to harm you, Pallavi says I need to mention some thing, Pallavi says there are numerous human beings in my lifestyles however you’re handiest ine who shared my lifestyles and took awayy loneliness and you’ve made my lifestyles better, the hunt of companion is over at you, I need my lifestyles with you, enemity among us became to my dependancy to look you, Raghav I Love…
Pallavi sees Mandar via the window and receives greatly surprised and runs to window, Raghav calls Pallavi and says whats incorrect, Mandar leaves. Pallavi rushes out of room to locate Mandar, Raghav confused.

Pallavi seems for Mandar at the road, she follows him however falls down due to a car, and loses Mandar, Pallavi receives up and begins offevolved walking in the back of Mandar again, she tests on any other guy with identical blouse and spectacle, Mandar sits in Ambulance and leaves. Pallavi in shock, Milind sees her and asks wherein are you misplaced, Pallavi says don’t take me incorrect however I noticed Mandar now, Milind says that is simply stress, and so that you are imagining matters, Pallavi says I will soon.

Pallavi walks to Raghav again. Jaya seea Pallavi misplaced and asks, wherein are you misplaced, Jaya thank you doctor. Amruta and Farhad stroll in, Jaya asks Farhad to make preparations at home. Pallavi considering Mandar.

Milind on name with Sharda and tells approximately Mandar incident and asks her to return back again for Pallavi, Amruta says Dad appearance I were given burgers, pizza and pastry to birthday birthday celebration Raghav’s discharge. Sulochana receives Vijay burnt meals. Milind says play a music shall we dance that even after horrific phrases from a few human beings we’ve Raghav suit and first-rate, Milind and Amruta dancing, Vijay throws water on their meals and says now happy, Milind says I changed into whilst Raghav changed into first-rate and now see God made you earse your personal line. Read More………