Raghav delays at that point sits close by Pallavi at that point changes the pad and leaves the room. Jaya comes there and calls Raghav’s name. Raghav wipes his tear. Jaya asks Raghav he may feel much simpler subsequent to crying not many tears however the thing he will do to Pallavi. At that point Jaya says that in this years she recognized the blame clearly at whatever point he accomplish something incorrectly.

He feels regretful and cries likewise however he not even once attempted to do something correct. Jaya at that point says to Raghav If he really feels he violated Pallavi at that point quit crying and attempt to do directly in Pallavi’s life. Jaya at that point says to Raghav even this time he flops then he will indeed free his mom. Raghav takes a gander at Jaya.

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Someone come and give the pass to Raghav. Jaya asks what it is. Raghav says its Pallavi’s ticket. Jaya asks Where is she going. Pallavi comes there with her baggage and says that she is going to Kolhapur. Pallavi says that her work is done saying both Jaya and Raghav got what they need. Pallavi goes out. Raghav takes a gander at Pallavi.