Sunny watching for Sumit, asks Sumit what happened, Sumit says Raghav spoiled the game. Sunny says this Raghav, Sumit asks why are you in the back of Raghav.

Pallavi hears door bell and opens door, it’s Kamla their drivers spouse, she says my husband isn’t always domestic beyond three days, Pallavi says come in, Keerti receives her water, Pallavi says Yogi involves paintings daily, Kamla says he has an affair and I actually have youngsters too, Jaya says Rajan name Yogi, Kamla says no don’t he hits me badly. Yogi walks in and asks Kamla what are you doing here, Pallavi says a husband who isn’t domestic beyond three days, what’s going to his spouse do and in which had been you, Raghav walks in, Yogi says I became with a person else. Pallavi says she is concerned for you and you’re taking part in with a person else, is she your loose fund servant, she is looking after your own circle of relatives and also you try this to her, Kamla hit him, Kamla says he’s my husband, Pallavi says does he think about this earlier than hitting you, move slap him, Kamla slaps Yogi.

Pallavi says to Yogi, in case you don’t supply the affection and proper she deserves, I won’t spare you, Kamla tell me if he does some thing again, Yogi take her domestic. Yogi and Kamla leave. Jaya says you probably did desirable Pallavi, Pallavi says a spouse have to by no means allow this show up to her, if her husband can’t recognize obstacles why have to a spouse address consequences.

Pre cap: Raghav asks Farhad to discover residence for Esha.
Pallavi says no wished she can be able to live with us.
Jaya tells Pallavi that she shouldn’t hold Esha on this residence. Raghav says Pallavi I love you and hugs her, Esha turns round carrying Pallavi’s saree.Raghav shocked.