Raghav and Pallavi tells entire Sunny reality to Deshmukh’s, Pallavi says Sharda Aai isn’t right here she is in Kolhapur together along with her brother she could be satisfied to pay attention it, Milind says thank you, due to you actual perpetrator is stuck atleast now human beings will recognize who’s their very own and who isn’t, Mansi says we knew that lengthy lower back and all that is simply drama, Milind says Mansi don’t comply with your mom to that quantity which you free all of your etiquettes, Sulochana says if my daughter is helping me why are you offended, Mansi says allow or not it’s Aai for a few human beings maintaining pretty is etiquette.

Vijay says Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao, you’ve got got by no means modified nonetheless you beg, you stated you won’t come lower back why did you come back then and what is going to you locate my sons reality, Raghav says shame

on you, you determined your sons reality however nonetheless this anger, Vijay says you’re making a few Sunny says some thing with the aid of using paying him money, and need me to simply accept it, Mansi says so correct, Vijay says you husband spouse are simply same, so that you and your drama hold it on your Aai and uncle, Raghav approximately to argue, Pallavi says its of little need Raghav, we are able to go back whilst Aai comes, Raghav says Vijay you mad oldie you want therapy, and leaves with Pallavi.
Raghav and Pallavi in bed room, Raghav says I actually have surpise for you and indicates her their wedding ceremony imagegraph frames in bed room and says you had been disappointed so I did this to cheer you up, Pallavi says this imagegraph turned into now no longer appropriate reminiscence we are able to click on appropriate photographs and eliminates picturegraph body and maintains on desk and says we are able to dangle new one later, Raghav says I hace one extra wonder and arms a field, Pallavi says have you ever fallen in love with me and smiles, Pallavi opens the field and sees a black robe and confused, Raghav says I usually see you in sarees so for change, in case you don’t like I will go back it, Pallavi stops Raghav, ties her hair and is going to strive the get dressed.

Kirti says Sunny I knew not anything approximately Raghav and Pallavi’s plan, Sunny says your bhabhi has spoiled my entire existence, I didn’t realize it turned into Mandar, one mistake and my entire existence is a mess, I am a assassin now, my entire existence is a ruined, Kirti says you aren’t alone, I will marry you, you’ll be out of this prison and we are able to damage Pallavi together, she snatched my love and could by no means locate one, will go back all ache lower back to her, Sunny smiles.

Pallavi walks to Raghav in black robe, Raghav can’t get eyes off her, Raghav leans closer to Pallavi, and steps on her get dressed, she stumbles, he holds her in his arms, Pallavi says I bet my get dressed zip opened, Raghav says can also additionally I, Pallavi turns around, Raghav holds her with the aid of using her waist and closes zip, whilst remaining zip doesn’t close, Raghav says allow me restore it and is going to his drawer, Raghav struggles to open it and looses stability and receives hit with the aid of using nail on wallz Pallavi walks to Raghav asks whats wrong, Raghav falls over her, Pallavi reveals he’s injured with the aid of using nail at the wall.

Pallavi, Farhad and Jaya take Raghav to hospital, Jaya reward for Raghav’s properly being, Milind is knowledgeable approximately Raghav.
Pallavi is going modifications and is going lower back to Jaya, Kirti walks to them and says that is all Pallavi and says she is simply awful luck, first killed her ex husband now my brother, Pallavi says I apprehend your anger however that is hospital.
Doctor says we arw transferring Raghav to ICU, he has lot of blood loss and there’s blood scarcity so set up four bottles blood, and there’s no want of surgical treatment however hr can also additionally face eye sight or reminiscence issue, Farhad fast leaves im look for blood, Pallavi says Amma you live with him, I will cross search for blood too, Jaya says keet him once, Pallavi says I can’t see him on this country and leaves.

Pallavi and Farhad look for blood however locate no one, Pallavi receives name from Krishna, Pallavi says now no longer yet, docs right here cautioned one blood financial institution shall we see, Krishna says however its very far, Pallavi says however I actually have to.

Milind with Jaya, nurse asks for blood says Raghav desires on urgency, if we don’t get blood now his existence may be in danger, and we checked entire Rao mansion body of workers no blood matched, Jaya prays for Raghav’s health, Milinf makes a decision to test Deshmukh residence blood and leaves Amruta with Jaya. Read More………