Pallavi asks Vijay what’s this, Sharda says what’s this, Vijay says you promised me you won’t depart till Mandar is fine, Pallavi says sure however my husband is right here provide me keys, Vijay says now no longer till I am alive, Raghav says in case you don’t pop out till I remember 5, I don’t recognize what is going to I do, Vijay says I won’t provide keys, I won’t permit Pallavi cross,

what if Raghav doesn’t can help you back, he’s under the influence of alcohol I wont take risk, Raghav counts until 5, and destroy bottle, Pallavi says Baba I beg you permit me cross, Sharda fights with Vijay for keys, Vijay says what approximately my son, Raghav says I dont have any value, Pallavi rushes upstairs, Raghav says you’re liar Pallavi, Farhad arrives there and says permit’s cross domestic, Raghav says I need to speak to my Pallavi, Farhad takes Raghav with him, Pallavi reaches window and sees Raghav depart. Pallavi shouts his call however its past due. Pallavi breaks down.

Pallavi says to Mandar I can’t do the entirety for you, I am no health practitioner or therapist, I am speakme to Dr. Ramya due to the fact now I can’t or won’t do anything.
Sharda walks to Mandar says you had reminiscence loss proper, then how did you discover greater sugar packet.
Raghav asks Pallavi all good, Milind offers Pallavi a name and says Vahini.

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