Pallavi asks Kirti is she searching out this bag and sees Jaya’s jewelry in it and says so that you are walking away what all will you do to cover one mistake, I want you weren’t riding that day, Kirti says deliver me my bag I don’t need your lecture and it changed into a mistake and I don’t need to stay with all of it life, Pallavi says ok I will provide you with that opportunity, I actually have referred to as police and it’ll be now no longer simply hit and run however additionally robbery now so right here are keys I actually have parked automobile at again gate run away, I won’t inform everyone anything, its final danger dont leave out it, Raghav and Jaya stroll to kirti and Pallavi, Raghav asks what’s this, Pallavi says Kirti ought to run away, that is the simplest way, Jaya stops Raghav from interrupting, Kirti hears Police siren, Pallavi says right here are keys

fast I can’t prevent later, Kirti says sufficient I can’t drive, Raghav says why are you lying, Pallavi says she isn’t, she certainly can’t drive, a person else changed into riding that night time and she or he is saving him and its Sunny.
Jaya walks to Kirti and asks her is Pallavi telling the fact, Pallavi says offcourse Amma, Kirti can’t drive, Raghav had visible Kirti in automobile, and I simply proved Kirti can’t with faux siren, and if Kirti is saving a person its a person unique and we understand its Sunny, Jaya says take her away and her vain boyfriend, Pallavi says no Amma I am taking case again, I observed the fact now no longer anymore, Jaya says Sunny isn’t family, Pallavi says right here Kirti your bag, you had been combating to your love nobody will forestall you, you could cross, no harsh emotions for you.

Pallavi leaves, Raghav follows her. Kirti takes a sigh of relief. Raghav says Pallavi what’s this we observed actual crook why again off, Pallavi says not anything is changed.

Amruta giving Sulochana manicure, Sulochana says that is reimbursement for becoming a member of my enemies party, Milind receives home, Vijay says to Milind so that you stored Raghav now cross stay with him and now no longer on this residence, Sulochana attempts to interrupt, Milind says I understand you will do this, so I maintain this diary which has file that this residence and land is yours however all different objects internal residence like bed, device wadrobe even your spectacle I offered them so pay me cash again with interest, I will depart this residence.

Kirti tells Sunny, Pallavi observed the fact, Sunny asks does she have proof, Kirti says no she doesn’t, Sunny says let’s depart then, Kirti says however she is taking case again, Sunny says she is fooling you, shall we cross, Kirti says this isnt right, and it changed into your fault why ought to I run, Sunny says I instructed you by no means speak approximately that night time, Kirti says I instructed you shall we take a look at on that guy however you by no means heard.
(Sunny under the influence of alcohol withinside the automobile with Kirti, Kirti says you’re under the influence of alcohol and that is Akshay’s automobile, so careful, Sunny hits Mandar, Kirti says Sunny you hit a person come shall we take a look at, Sunny unconscious, Kirti peaks out and sees a person and wakes Sunny, Sunny fleas away)
Sunny says egocentric Kirti, it changed into your fault all the whole lot you need to take away me and ship me jail, cross inform your bhabhi and your brother, nobody will trust it changed into me due to the fact there aren’t anyt any proofs so that you need then come or I am leaving for sure.

Sunny sees Pallavi,Raghav and police at his door and appears at Kirti in anger. Pallavi says Sunny we do have proofs, your confession and we hace recording, Sunny asks what do you mean, Pallavi walks to bag delivered with the aid of using Kirti and alternatives micro telecellsmartphone from it and says even Kirti doesn’t understand approximately it, and it ahs recorded the whole lot, and palms it to inspector, Raghav asks Inspector to arrest Sunny, Sunny attempts to assault Pallavi, Raghav steps in and hits him and says dare I see you close to my sister or my family, Kirti attempts to run at the back of Sunny, Raghav stops her however Kirti doesn’t concentrate and runs at the back of Sunny.
Raghav asks will Kirti ever concentrate, Pallavi says deliver her a while she will.
Ved hiding in different room hears the whole lot and says god my entire sport flipped , I should cross underground for someday earlier than Raghav begins offevolved searching out me.

Amruta adjustments channel, Vijay palms listing to a person and says cast off all these things and deliver cash to this Milind, Vijay says I will go back your cash and herez spectacle cash too, Milind says you’re hopeless and leaves. Read More……….