Sunny says quickly I might be over you, Raghav says earlier than which you and your entire own circle of relatives might be dead, and so preserve down and leaves. Sunny says I am the lion right here, as soon as I discover approximately you and you’ll be at the back of me.

Raghav walks to Jaya, and says I need to get Ganpati Bappa this time in our house, Jaya says is it Pallavi’s idea, Raghav says no however it’s her predominant pageant and he or she is dissatisfied approximately it, and I don’t need her to overlook her pageant due to her fault, Jaya says I won’t deny due to the fact god is coming, however I haven’t forgiven her, Raghav says I recognize Amma.

Sunny is going to Raghav’s den and begin searching out clues, he hears footstep and hides. Abhishek walks in with Farhad, Raghav walks to them, Farhad says that is Abhishek he turned into caught, Raghav says Farhad you constantly achieve this good. Abhishek says you’re Pallavi didi’s husband right, Farhad says Abhishek in case you need to paintings right here all this live secret, Abhishek says I need to paintings with you, please don’t cast off me and I am nicely versed with customs, and could even deliver my lifestyles for you, Raghav says listen me carefully, I don’t pay custom on diamond and also you human beings assist me with that and so police is at the back of you and not anything is greater than lifestyles and so subsequent time in case you discover something incorrect go away the diamond and run on your lifestyles. Abhishek says k.

Raghav offers Abhishek a pouch of diamond, and says supply this, Abhishek says k and leaves.

Pallavi making modak in kitchen she hears Ganpati songs and walks out, she sees Raghav carry in Ganpati idol, Pallavi very satisfied. Jaya walks to Pallavi, each satisfied.

Pallavi walks to Raghav in her room and thank you him says this indicates lot to her and yell at her scold her however now no longer forget about her, Raghav says that won’t flip this ordinary and I simply don’t sense like talking, Pallavi says what must I do, Raghav says prevent Sunny and Keerti and approximately getting Bappa I can’t harm you, Raghav locka himself in bathroom, Pallavi feels bad

Raghav walks right all the way down to Jaya wearing south Indian outfit, Pallavi carrying Navari, Pallavi walks to Jaya.
Milind, Mansi, Amruta, Sulochana come dancing along side Nikhil., Amruta pulls Pallavi to dance.

Jaya asks Sharda how is she doing and he or she could be very satisfied to peer entire Deshmukh own circle of relatives right here, and he or she might be extra satisfied to peer Vijay, Milind says he’s domestic we can’t go away Ganpati on my own so he’s staying.
Sharda walks to Pallavi, and asks is Raghav nevertheless angry, Pallavi says he’s dissatisfied however nevertheless did all this and I am fortunate to have him, he misplaced due to me however nevertheless cares approximately me, he proved Love modifications every person, he’s that Raghav Rao who in no way does something incorrect, Sharda says preserve this believe intact and god will do the entirety right.

Panditji asks Jaya to name entire own circle of relatives for aarti, every person joins, Jaya says all are right here let’s start, Keerti walks with says now no longer yet, now we’re a own circle of relatives. Raghav thinks that is all due to Pallavi.

Pre cap; Pallavi and Raghav collectively carry out Aarti.
Pallavi says to Sunny, devil’s such as you don’t need to do Aarti, Sunny says Pallavi bhabhi your husband is diamond smuggler, he doesn’t pay customs.