Kirti says to Jaya what’s incorrect with Pallavi deciding on ex-husband and now no longer us, Jaya considering Pallavi’s phrases and asks Kirti are you actually innocent, Kirti panics and says I didn’t, Jaya calls Raghav interior and asks Kirti to get water, Kirti leaves, Jaya says Raghav, assist Pallavi, Kirti hears Jaya say that, Kirti leaves.

Pre cap: Pallavi says to Kirti, you need to die in shame, Kirti says I don’t due to the fact my brother will preserve saving me, Sunny walks in and says why are you so jealous, Pallavi unearths it fishy.

Pallavi in prison with Raghav asks him what precisely happened, Raghav says it changed into raining very closely and I noticed Kirti in that vehicle who hit Mandar