Deshmukh’s welcome lord Ganesha, Vijay stumbles, Nikhil holds the idol, all satisfied to peer him, Nikhil says sorry I couldn’t come to you, while you wished me most, Amruta says we’re satisfied to have you ever back. Nikhil asks in which us Pallavi, Vijay says we are able to do with out her after what she did to Mandar, Sharda says Nikhil we are able to communicate later. Deshmukh’s carry out aarti.

Pallavi in her room being attentive to aarti on radio, she attempts fo communicate to Raghav, Nikhil video calls her, he suggests her aarti, Pallavi very satisfied, Raghav sees her. Pallavi asks whilst did you come, Nikhil says I leave out you so much, Pallavi says we are able to meet quickly, Nikhil says why now no longer now and don’t you leave out Bappa, Pallavi says I am lacking a lot, it’s first time I don’t have Bappa, however scenario is

one of a kind this time, we are able to meet in keep tomorrow, Nikhil says Aai advised me the entirety, Pallavi says overlook some thing happened, Nikhil says we leave out you or even Aai is lacking you its so one of a kind with out you, Raghav hears their conversation.

Raghav walks down considering how Pallavi is lacking Ganpati Bappa, Raghav sees Sunny the use of his fitness center and could be very angry, Sunny says loosen up we’re associated now, Raghav says live in limits, you’ll live for your room, Sunny says I am son in regulation right here, I even have complete right, Raghav says dont take a look at my patience, due to Keerti I am tolerating you, Sunny says your sister will constantly shop me, I am very brief tempered and don’t do something to me or Keerti will ought to face all that. Raghav alternatives Sunny and throws him out,