Kirti is going runing to Raghav and says please shop me I don’t need to head prison, Pallavi fooled me and made me confess I changed into person who did that twist of fate and has the confession recorded in pen digital digicam, please shop me. Raghav hugs her and says not anything will show up to you.

Pallavi thank you Farhad for assisting her and express regret for shouting at him, Farhad says its k however Raghav he won’t allow Kirti get arrested, Pallavi says Kirti can be punished.

Milind indignant at Vijay’s behaviour, Amruta walks to him and asks him to have something, Milind says I am now no longer hungry, Amruta says all of us recognize Vijay Kaka’s anger, and so he slapped you, so overlook it, Sulochana walks in and says close up Amruta and Milind how lengthy will you get insulted, you’ve got got usually dealt with his own circle of relatives and our

own circle of relatives similarly however study him, Amruta says Mom sufficient this isn’t always the proper time to talk, Sulochana says you close up, and Milind that is why I need belongings for us, Milind says due to this behaviour even Mandar changed into farfar from him, however he didn’t analyze however I won’t allow this show up and I will allow him pay off for this. Sulochana thinks eventually now my challenge is successful.
Pallavi tells Krishna approximately Kirti, Krishna says I will include you to police station, Pallavi hides the digital digicam listening to Raghav’s voice, Pallavi sees Raghav stroll in drunk, Raghav says I am sorry for the whole lot in beyond and destiny, Pallavi asks what do you mean, Raghav says not anything and is going to bed.
Pallavi says I can apprehend your pain, Kirti is fortunate to have a brother such as you and I am sorry, I am helpless too.
Pallavi seems on the recording digital digicam and hides it lower back and is going to sleep.

Next morning Jaya sees Pallavi with Police and asks her what’s it, Pallavi says for Mandar’s murderer, Jaya asks who’s it, Raghav walks in and says Mandar’s case is closed lengthy lower back it changed into an twist of fate case, Pallavi says that changed into vintage confession now I actually have proofs approximately who changed into riding and it changed into Kirti Rao, she devoted the twist of fate, Kirti seems at Raghav in tears. Jaya confused, Pallavi says I recognize it’s far tough to just accept however she did it, and she or he changed into right here in Hyderabad and I actually have the confession recorded, Jaya seems at Kirti, Police ask Pallavi for confession.

Pallavi fingers them pen digital digicam and realises its now no longer the digital digicam however a ordinary pen, Pallavi begins offevolved searching in her bag, Pallavi realises Raghav apologized her closing night. ( Raghav sees Pallavi hiding pen below the pillow and replaces it)
Raghav says inspector sorry that is own circle of relatives count I will cope with it.
Jaya says to Pallavi how are you going to do it, you’re blaming my daughter of a homicide I will by no means forgive you.
Kirti leaves with Jaya

Pallavi in tears seems at Raghav and says you modified it proper, Raghav says yes, Raghav says I discovered own circle of relatives values from you, and I actually have my sister and mom after lengthy and in case you need to punish a person right here I am, Pallavi says you learnt own circle of relatives values however now no longer the reality if status with truth, you have been proper so I went in opposition to my own circle of relatives and stood with you, however you’re mad on your sisters love, Raghav says I am simply looking to shop my sister, Pallavi says am I now no longer your own circle of relatives and do I now no longer count to you, I had such a lot of desires from my marriage such a lot of goals however your sister snatched away the whole lot from me, I changed into in a lot pain, and over that people’s taunt, and these days after I have my solutions you need me to disregard them.

Raghav says Pallavi I am saving a person’s destiny and also you beyond and consider while you stored Amruta then why am I villian and study Kirti she has long past mad she ia simply mendacity and in case you need to continue this manner sorry I will pick out my sister. Read More……