Pallavi sees Raghav ingesting and says you’re ingesting an excessive amount of, Raghav saya you are becoming rid of me proper, Pallavi says anyhow I need to inform you approximately Laxmi Raghav says your new pleasant buddy, I noticed you with her, Pallavi says sure she gave me raise due to the fact, Raghav says close up, I recognize you informed Laxmi the whole thing, you’re top notch proper, due to you Laxmi has expanded safety at customs and you’re an excessive amount of in the back of being best and ideal proper, why didn’t you ask God to hold you with him, you’ve got got not anything earlier than your fundamental and values, you simply need human beings to applaud for you, you don’t care approximately relationships.

Pallavi says how dare you Raghav, you by no means assume earlier than you speak, how should you suspect I could do this, if I desired to I could have given Laxmi diamonds long returned, Raghav says I am pronouncing what I noticed, Pallavi says you’re incorrect, Raghav says sufficient I don’t recognize this Pallavi however Raghav will and continually be the same, Pallavi says I won’t step returned simply due to the fact you’re indignant and I can’t see you happening the incorrect track.Raghav says the whole thing right here is with my cash and when you have hassle depart the whole thing and move away, Pallavi says I am now no longer leaving you or this stubbornness to convey you on proper track, this residence and husband each are mine, ultimate time you attempted sending me domestic I packed your luggage of you need that once more inform me, if some thing will depart it’ll be your horrific habbits and leaves.

Farhad and Amruta collectively, Farhad tells Amruta that Raghav and Pallavi’s variations are increasing, Amruta says Farhad inform me one matters if I ask you to go away this activity will you or be cussed like Raghav, Farhad says Pallavi is his spouse she has complete proper to forestall him however why are you preventing me, Amruta says making a decision who am I to you one woman is with you at this hour, strolling maintaining your hand and being attentive to your problems, what is going to you name her buddy or some thing greater and some thing you name it, I am asking due to that, Farhad says as soon as our dating has a call I will solution you.

Raghav nevertheless ingesting, Pallavi in her room in tears, she walks to their wedding ceremony photos then sits beside Raghav’s aspect of bed. Raghav considering Sharda’s phrases that Pallavi won’t permit incorrect move in advance she can be able to make it proper. Pallavi awaiting Raghav. Pallavi falls asleep beside Raghav’s aspect of bed, she wakes up subsequent day and sees Raghav didn’t come to room and approximately to move search for him, Raghav walks in.

Sunny and Keerti stroll in after workout, Pallavi sees Raghav depart and get in touch with him for breakfast, Farhad walks to Raghav and tells him he wishes to speak ots vital, Raghav leaves with him to Den.
Laxmi on name with Commissioner, he praises her for her choice to boom safety, Laxmi says to Inspector even Comissioner is egar to look Raghav get arrested and now I am awaiting his pass to arrest him.

Farhad says to Raghav it’s far vital to get diamonds these days, and we could pass this order due to the fact it’s far volatile, Raghav says these days we are able to have crimson diamonds, depart it to me. Pallavi instructs Rajan for lunch abd approximately to go away, Sunny says so having fun, and your husband isn’t talking, and this bore existence with out luxurious how do you sense, Pallavi says you’re only a unfastened loader who hold commenting like vain human beings, Sunny says Raghav will by no means get on proper track, Pallavi saya Rajan didn’t you feed avenue puppies these days, Rajan says I did, Pallavi says oh appearance one is inner our residence, Sunny asks Rajan to go away and saya dare you, Pallavi says I intended my avenue puppies whom I feed normal they’re dependable why could I examine them with you and insult them, Sunny approximately to slap her, Pallavi shouts at him dare you, that is my residence and if my husband sees you do this, you wouldn’t be spared and when you have completed unfastened apple move to your spouse’s room and spend time bye

Raghav walks to Farhad in uniform, Farhad asks what’s this, Raghav says I gets diamonds as obligation officer, Raghav Rao will do volatile paintings on his own. Sunny hears that. Sunny calls Laxmi and tell approximately Raghav’s plan, Laxmi says to her crew we ought to get him crimson surpassed these days we could move.

Sunny very glad being attentive to song and begins offevolved dancing with Keerti, Keerti asks why this suitable mood, Sunny says to Keerti I sense so horrific in your spouse, Keerti says I notion you hate him, Sunny says I don’t hate him simply get indignant at him however he’s so unkucky, Raghav does a lot for Pallavi however examine her behaviour and also you I do not anything however nevertheless you help me a lot, Keerti says you’re so proper, Sunny says I sense Raghav is at hazard due to her, I suggest Raghav is on his manner doing some thing incorrect and Pallavi informs police, Keerti says you’re proper and she or he can do this, Sunny you’re so nice, Raghav desires horrific for you and also you reflect onconsideration on him, Keerti says of Pallavi does some thing I swear on Amma I will kill her. Sunny says relax.

Pallavi at her shop,her mangalsutra receives caught in nail and breaks, Pallavi feels bizarre approximately it, her colleague says her mom says its a horrific signal however it’s simply superstition, Pallavi thinks God I don’t trust in all this however please cope with my Raghav.

Raghav and Pallavi collectively on run, Laxmi says forestall otherwise I will shoot. Laxmi shoots Raghav, Pallavi steps in and receives hit via way of means of bullet.