The episode begins offevolved with Mandar tells Pallavi that it’s his goal is to now no longer to make awkward and try and go away the kitchen however Pallavi says it’s okay. So Mandar asks Pallavi is she want assist however Pallavi says that she can be able to manipulate it. Mandar tells he is aware of but he desires to assist her. Pallavi asks Mandar to reduce the greens Mandar agrees. Sulochana comes there and says to Mandar and Pallavi that she is satisfied seeing them together.

Later Pallavi offers the sheera to priest for puja. Priest asks Mandar he’s married guy proper then he need to take a seat down together along with his spouse. Sulochana asks Pallavi to take a seat down with Mandar. Pallavi receives greatly surprised. Everyone appears at her. Pallavi movements in the direction of Mandar. Mandar have a take a observe Raghav. Pallavi then is going and sits in the back of Raghav and tells the Priest Mandar changed into her husband however now her husband is Raghav so asks the priest to begin the puja. Everyone receives greatly surprised. The puja begins offevolved. Raghav appears at his watch then and now.

Raghav guarantees his consumer to now no longer to Disappoint him then turns round and sees Mandar who’s there with a Sheera in his hand. Mandar asks Raghav he continually is going to the residence wherein he isn’t invited. Raghav tells no however he’ll do some thing for Pallavi after which tells his and Pallavi’s dating there can be no stop much like there’s no February 30 withinside the calendar. Raghav then tells Mandar that he sees the entirety he is aware of approximately his goal very nicely. Mandar tells its now no longer him its Vijay who held the puja for his nicely being. Raghav tells it’s bizarre the person that now no longer even as soon as went to the temple ever now agreed to take a seat down withinside the puja.

Mandar receives greatly surprised and appears at Raghav. Raghav tells that he were given to understand approximately this via his colleagues. He additionally asks Mandar to now no longer even reflect onconsideration on Pallavi. Mandar turns round to go away however then sees Pallavi is speakme to Amruta so he tells Raghav that he us right here to provide him the sheera and he emerge as Raghav’s buddy however his lack of confidence isn’t letting him so he can have each Sheera additionally Pallavi.

Mandar then tells Raghav that no person idea Pallavi will come right here however she got here right here and participated withinside the puja held for his nicely being. Raghav tells Mandar from now Pallavi won’t come to the Deshmukh’s residence, she is a daughter of Deshmukh’s residence now no longer a daughter in regulation. Mandar demanding situations Raghav announcing inside 7 days he’ll carry Pallavi to the Deshmukh’s residence as his spouse additionally the daughter in regulation of Deshmukh’s and Raghav cant do some thing and the seven days time begins offevolved now. Raghav have a take a observe his Watch then Mandar.

Pallavi sees Raghav and Mandar so she is going and asks Raghav is the entirety okay. Raghav tells that he and Mandar is speakme random things. Mandar thank you Pallavi for creating a sheera however Pallavi appears at Sharda and Milind and receives emotional. Raghav and Mandar additionally appears at Sharda and Milind. Mandar is going and calls Sharda as aai after which Milind as kaka and says that he dont consider some thing however Pallavi confirmed their pictures.

Sharda cries seeing Mandar then they takes her in the residence. Milind tells everybody that he canr trust even after Amruta and Pallavi instructed them on the decision then blesses Mandar. Mandar tells that he has a stunning familt however he dont consider some thing. Sulochana tells Mandar that Pallavi is there to assist him then asks Vijay why now no longer they permit Pallavi live right here for the dinner.

Everyone receives greatly surprised. Sulochana tells that Mandar is satisfied seeing Pallavi right here these days. Sharda tells Pallavi that her paintings is over so she dont must live right here she will move again to her residence. Vijay tells its Pallavi’s residence too to which Sharda tells until he throwed Pallavi out of the residence. Mandar stops Pallavi and asks her cell variety announcing if there’s any emergency he desires to speak to her so Pallavi offers him the variety. Raghav takes Pallavi from there.

Sunny tells Keerti that they have got to do courtroom docket marriage in any other case Raghav and Pallavi wont allow them to be with every other. Keerti tells that she dont care approximately Raghav and Pallavi however she desires Jaya’s advantages then asks Sunny to begin the manner announcing it’ll take thirty days so she can be able to try and persuade Jaya. Ved comes there and tells that they cant threat with the aid of using giving thirty days he is aware of few those who will assist them get married in a day. Sunny thank you Ved. Raghav appears on the diamonds. Read More………