Raj says to Meet recollect this as your examination, you’re making ready for that and in the future you eill get the end result of your examination hold this in thoughts that you need to combat and win this, I actually have dream that after humans see you each and says they’re an idol couple and you need to satisfy my dream. Meet says you’re a natural commercial enterprise man, signed a huge deal simply via way of means of pronouncing me son. Raj says I made tea for you and says you ought to be satisfied always.

Meet Ahlawat says to Chavi I’m extraordinarily sorry I didn’t recognise you’re on this room and attempt to get out of room. Masum come and says you met Chavi she become asking approximately you given that she got here so I informed her he is probably slept. Chavi says Meet Ahlawat didn’t experience correct so got here to satisfy me. Meet Ahlawat says to Chavi I didn’t recognise she is right here already I got here to take books. Masum says you got here with pillow to take ee-e book and snatches pillow from him and says Chavi got here right here in particular for you due to the fact she need to research worn and could be with you 24×7 ok. Meet Ahlawat is going out.
Chavi says to Masum I can not do paintings don’t inquire from me to do that. Masum says loosen up Chavi come take a seat down and concentrate paintings is an excuse so you can spend time with Meet and also you grow to be near him now concentrate to me cautiously my brother don’t like that lady with whom he were given married and he doesn’t want to see her face too, his coronary heart is damaged and you need to stick his coronary heart together along with your splendor and style. Chavi receives up in pleasure says and grow to be Mrs. Ahlawat. Masum says smart lady. Chavi says you observed I’m smart, my mother thinks I’m now no longer that smart and do you observed Meet Ahlawat will spend night time with that lady. Masum says no manner this can not appear.

Meet Ahlawat walks in his room. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat and don’t forget what Raj stated to him in advance. Meet Ahlawat closes door and take a seat down on chair.
Sunaina keeping Ragini hand and taking her. Ragini stops her and says first trll in which are you taking me. Sunaina says short while again our Meet Ahlawat took is pillow and went out of doors of his room. Ragini says don’t recognise whilst he’s going to receive her. Sunaina says he’s going to receive due to the fact short while again he went interior his room with that pillow.

Meet Ahlawat making use of cream on him. Meet walks to him and says you went out of doors however you got here again did you left some thing. Meet Ahlawat says that is my room and its my desire if I need to are available in or exit who’re you to inform me. Meet says you probably did that via way of means of your personal desire I by no means ask you to do some thing, you’re the sort of harassed man. Meet Ahlawat says excuse me why are you so curious approximately me permit me do my night time habitual I don’t need any stress. Meet sees him doing his habitual and says you’re doing like women its all right due to the fact cream and powder dosent recognise if a lady is the usage of them or boy, Manu additionally use to do identical thing, you’re like Manushi. Meet Ahlawat receives up. Meet says to herself why did you assert some thing can’t take a seat down quiet, I made him unhappy after taking Manu’s call.

Manushi in room making use of cream. Kunal walks to her and says infant you’re already lovely so why are you doing this, something you’re doing please do speedy appearance how romantic night time it’s miles and I don’t wanna waste it. Manushi says first you pass and clean up then we are able to spent this romantic night time. Kunal says ok and receives name from and unknown range and thinks who is probably it and choices up. Goon from different facet says whilst we known as you from new range you picked it. Kunal says what are you speakme uncleji. Goon says we’ve got your lodge call and room range, in case you need we don’t beat then you come and meet us in hitel parking. Kunal says I’ll there uncleji. Manu asks who known as you. Kunal says dad’s supervisor known as me he got here downstairs need to speak about some thing essential so could be proper again. Mansays wait Kunal concentrate ask your supervisor to provide your father a message that we need to return back domestic please take me your house and I need to carrier my in law’s please take me. Kunal says I’ll talk.

Meet asks Meet Ahlawat which facet you’ll sleep. Meet Ahlawat ask what do you mean. Meet says in advance you had been unmarried so become capable of sleep everywhere on mattress however now you’re married so please determine you facet. Meet Ahlawat says you want mattress all yours I’ll sleep on couch.
Sunaina says I’ll pass and test what’s happening. Ragini stops her and says what you wanna see. Sunaina says I simply wanna see what’s going personal among them. Masum come and says peeking via a person’s privateness isn’t a very good thing. Sunaina says this has occurred to absolutely each person and we additionally recognise absolutely each person become listing. Masum says this appear in regular wedding ceremony and there’s not anything regular on this wedding ceremony and not anything could be happing interior. Ragini says to Masum a display is been telicast each morning known as as suppose wonderful you ought to additionally see with us each day. Chavi status there says I’ll see that display. Masum deliver chavi bloodless appearance and he or she says no I’ll now no longer see. Ragini says via way of means of looking that you may have wonderful mind each day we’re wonderful that some thing can appear.

Meet Ahlawat looking to regulate on couch. Meet looking his struggle. Meet Ahlawat falls from couch and shouts. Everyone heard him falling. Chavi says it become Meet Ahlawat and walks closer to his room. Ragini and Sunaina says what appear to him.
Meet Ahlawat receives up and says why did you shout. Meet says due to the fact you shout.
Masum says to Ragini, Sunaina and Chavi there’s an peak of creativeness and my brother don’t want to see her. Sunaina says however thigs modifications after marriage whilst humans stay in identical room. Ragini says didn’t you heard.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet that is my room so this mattress is likewise mine I’ll sleep right here you may pass on couch. Meet says you’re a lot harassed individual and what’s this my room and all chachiji informed me this room is mine too and who sleeps on couch in there room. Meet Ahlawat receives in mattress and says do something you need to do I’ll sleep right here. Meet says I’ll additionally sleep right here. All 4 out of doors room looking to pay attention what’s occurring interior via door. Meet and Meet Ahlawat arguing over mild they each flip round Meet says who sleeps with mild on. Meet Ahlawat says I’m scared that’s why I want a few mild. Meet Ahlawat receives up and says I can not sleep beside you I don’t forget some thing bad. Meet receives uo and says I actually have answer for this. Meet Ahlawat says that’s what I become pronouncing pass sleep on couch. Meet says close up do you apprehend matters or now no longer, I want a hammer. Meet Ahlawat receives scared and says why do you want. Meet says I could be desiring rope and nails too. Meet Ahlawat receives out if mattress and ask why do you want. Meet says that is gour residence you need to be understanding in which are all matters so pass and convey them. Meet Ahlawat says first inform me what you’ll do. Meet says you don’t need to peer my face I promise you’ll now no longer see ky face now pass and convey. Meet Ahlawat certain he pass and open door if his room Sunaina, Ragini, Masum and Chavi falls in Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says what’s this Chavi says hello to him. Meet Ahlawat shouts and says circulate to Chavi he receives up and ask absolutely each person what you all are doing right here. Ragini walks to Meet and ask why are you status on mattress.

Meet hammering on wall. Meet Ahlawat talks to himself says humans are proper you imagined her with hammer and thata happening. Meet falls even as putting in curtain Meet Ahlawat catches her

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet from the day prior to this I actually have stored you instances I produce other works to accomplish that please don’t make this as your habit