The scene begins with Subhadra and Pratap requesting that Sonam re-visitation of Mumbai. Shashikant brings Dhruv there. Dhruv embraces Sonam getting down on amigo. Pratap advises to Shashikant he’s devastating Sonam’s life alongside his mentaly sick child. He drives Dhruv away. Shashikant says he’s ridiculing his child as opposed to supporting him. Sonam attempts to go to Dhruv. Pratap drives her away. Dhruv pushes Pratab. Nutan and Sheetal come there. Pratap gets injured. He attempts to hurt Dhruv yet Sonam stops him.

Sonam irately says he knows Dhruv’s stiuation yet he’s acting like that in his personality. Sonam sees Nutan. The last advises to Shashikant he’s additionally conning her. Sheetal lwas right. He and sneha are with Sonam. Sneha admitted everything. Nutan tells she’s taking her child and requests that Pratap remove his little girl. Dhruv won’t leave his amigo. Dhruv and Sonam hold each other’s hand. Sonam requests that he go with his mother. Nutan coercively takes him from that point. Pratap leaves asking Subhadra not to release Sonam out.

At the Jaiswals, Dhruv yells inquiring as to why they don’t allow him to meet his mate. He discards things. Nutan yells at Dhruv requesting that he go to his room. Dhruv quietly leaves. Nutan accuses Shashikant. She says from now on she and Milky will care for Dhruv. Smooth frenzies hearing She tells Sheetal couldn’t assume Dhruv’s liability. Sheetal requests to utilize the chance, she will control in this house.

Pratap brings haven individuals to the Jaiswals. He says there’s an intellectually sick individual in this house who hurt him. He requests that they take to the psychological emergency clinic before he hurts any other person. Nutan and Shashikant look stunned. Sonam discloses to Subhadra that Dad is fouling up. She begs her to release her on the off chance that she truly cherishes her. She won’t be cheerful on the off chance that she returns to Mumbai. Dhruv needs her. She requests that she get her. She cries. Subhadra kisses her. She signs her to go. Sonam leaves.

Nutan stops the men. She says Pratap considers her as his ennemy. he’s utilizing them against her. Nobody is intellectually sick in this house. Smooth reveals to Dhruv that individuals have come to remove his mate from him. She inquires as to whether he won’t help her. Dhruv state he will help her. Pratap says Nutan is lying. Sonam comes there. She protects Dhruv before her father. She asks the refuge individuals to leave. She is sorry to Nutan for her father’s conduct. The refuge individuals won’t leave with analyzing Dhruv. Smooth gives a stick in Dhruv’s grasp.


Dhruv’s comes running. He whips the men. Pratap holds Sonam. Sonam cries. Nutan and Shashikant attempts to stop him. The men give an infusion to Dhruv and take him from that point. Pratap and Subhadra are taking Sonam to Mumbai in vehicle. Sonam stops the vehicle on the affection of stomach torment. She flees.

At the psychological clinic, Dhruv is put inside a shut ward. Nutan advises to specialist that her child got injured in his mind so he’s going about as a five years kid. He isn’t peril nor intellectually sick. She cries. Specialist says they will look at Dhruv. Sonam goes to the clinic. The ward young men stop her. She goes about as distraught. They believe she’s one of the medical clinics tolerant. They take her indide. They put her in a similar room where Dhruv is. Dhruv embraces Sonam. He cries saying he’s terrified.

Specialist tells Nutan and Shashikant that their child is savage. They will release him in the wake of looking at him. Nutan solicitations to be with Dhruv untill that. Specialist concurs. A ward kid take them to Dhruv. They get stunned seeing an unfilled room. The ward kid tells they have secured both this room. Nutan asks who both. The ward kid tells both called each other pal. Nutan says Sonam.

Sonam carries Dhruv to a lodging. She requests to give them a room. She gives her hoops in the spot of cash. She asks what’s there to eat. The assistant says the cook has left. Nutan contends with a specialist. She requests to call police. Shashikant discloses to her Dhruv will be protected with Sonam. Nutan doesn’t requests that Doctor call police, else she will protest against him. Specialist calls police. Sonam makes nourishment for Dhruv. She takes care of Dhruv. Dhruv inquires as to whether he csn feed her. She says she’s fasting. She offers natural products to him. Dhruv takes care of her apple. Real More……..