The Episode begins with Sonam saying we will meet the legal advisor, all will be well. Raghav comes and says sorry to ruin the occasion, I have come to help. Dhruv expresses profound gratitude, yet we don’t need the assistance. Raghav says you generally state no, this issue is touchy, Milky isn’t anything but difficult to deal with, give me an agreement, I will set it, I will undermine Milky about her mum. Dhruv says remain quiet about your modest guidance. Raghav says fine, proceed to get the bail, I came to help, you don’t tune in. Sheetal says Dhruv loves Sonam and needs to wed her, Nutan is ravenous, she did this with Sonam, she got Dhruv hitched to Milky, I disclosed to her that its off-base, she didn’t hear me out, Nutan pressurized Milky’s folks for settlement. Sheetal takes the auditor’s tea.

She says Milky’s folks have no

cash to give Nutan, Sonam’s folks are prepared to offer endowment to get Sonam hitched, Nutan thought to consume Milky, I m guiltless. Assessor inquires as to for what reason did Milky take your name. Sheetal says Milky couldn’t get anything, Nutan had poured lamp fuel, Shashi had lighted fire, Milky got mixed up and took my name. Legal advisor says it was not Sheetal’s slip-up. He gives bail papers. Investigator says fine, you can take her, you become an observer, you don’t conflict with your words. Sheetal says I will keep my statement, regardless of whether Shashi and Nutan get imprisoned for eternity. Shobha grins. Dhruv and Sonam look on stunned. Sheetal stresses seeing them. Dhruv says I need to converse with Sheetal. Shobha says converse with her here. Dhruv chides Sheetal.

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