Scene begins with police officers educated according to the assertion of Milky her dad in-law and relative, Sheetal attempted to consume her alive for settlement. Everybody gets stunned to know her form and Sheetal begins to shout and admonish her for being a backstabber and a lier. She says Milky is quite a narrow minded young lady as we helped her a ton and this is the way she repaid us. Nutan is hypnotized to see this side of Milky. All are asking Milky for what reason did you do this?

Dhruv comes inside the ward and asks Milky for what good reason would you say you are doing this to these individuals? Sharada says to Milky in the event that this is the way you need to seperate Sonam and Dhruv, at that point I am removing my girl from here and will arrive at Mumbai soon. Dhruv says Sonam will go no where and holds her hand. Smooth blows up to see this and her dad says to her you are again utilizing a lie to demonstrate your point and winning the wager however it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to do that over and over.

Shashikant says to Dhruv don’t let Sonam go anyplace regardless. This is only the results of the strategy of these individuals and it must resemble this as it were. He says on the off chance that I need to remain in prison and bite the dust, at that point I am prepared however don’t bow down before this and leaves with cops. The cops removed Nutan, Sheetal and Shashikant and Dhruv and Sonam goes behind them. Madhu asks Milky for what reason did she lie and Milky asks specialist to empty her room as she is feeling risky from the family individuals.

Smooth says the game has recently begun from my end now and I will annihilate the life of yours Sonam. On the off chance that Dhruv additionally don’t bow down and left the wish to be with you, I will demolish him as well and nobody can stop me. Raghav goes to her lodge and says to Milky there is individuals who offer ‘agnipariksha’ to substantiate themselves unadulterated and here are you attempting to consume yourself for your better half. He says yet you didn’t bite the dust, you are well doing and sufficiently safe.

Smooth says to him in the event that you don’t stop Sonam, at that point she will be in Mumbai at this point, Dhruv says don’t raise a finger at me being a most noticeably terrible person yourself and he made her oblivious. Dhruv goes to meet attorney and Sonam remains back and petitions God to invigorate her fightback and let her be effective in saving the group of Dhruv. Afterward, Dhruv meets a legal advisor who says to him to move toward Milky if conceivable and change her call as these sort of abusive behavior at home cases are generally for the ladies.

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Dhruv returns and converses with Milky about their youth kinship and reminds her all the recollections. He says we generally kept things among ourselves then what happened today that you are hauling my folks through the mud!! Smooth says to him you have the decision to choose to pick your folks and me as your better half forever or be with Sonam and lose your folks forever. You need to take the choice all yourself. Dhruv is stunned to see her being edgy and unyielding.

Precap – Dhruv meets another legal advisor, Sheetal is approached to give articulation by her another sibling Shobhakant