Next you will see that the episode begins with Sonam who is watching the footage by Radha and gets shocked. Watching the film, he gets to know the truth behind the entire shut up.

And then we see that Sonam arrives at a garden site just as Raghav had beautifully decorated at the request, he doesn’t understand what is happening and he feels that it has accidentally come somewhere else. When Raghav arrives, she is about to go back and says don’t go back like this ever setup takes care of the beauty of Mumbai. Then we see Sonam thinking about the words she had already heard about him.

Raghav is asking Suman to do his position before the government. Then I also tell him that I am your well-wisher and I have also brought proof for you. So I ask him that everything is worth you, what will you take from me in exchange for that proof. After that we see that Raghav shows Sonam a blank bed and he is shocked to know the whole conspiracy against him and his eyes still remain.

Then Raghav asks Sonam how much talent they have left, Raghav says that I have collected all this for you and that is why I am entitled to get something in return. The father of the kids room goes to meet his brother and also tells him about Raghav. He tells him to keep Raghav under control. After that Raghav says that I should say that Dhoom 1 Ashok is a person who can not even marry you now.

Then we see that he says that I would prefer to die rather than leave a girl like you and I will marry you. Then Sonam says then give me the video and I will marry sunshine. Please with my shoes The knife comes out and goes towards Sonam and asks him to cut his wrist and if he does not give the video to her, he will commit suicide.

Sonam is surprised to hear her talk and now she was not aware that she What to do now Next you will see that Dhruv is going behind Milky and lashes Sonam. Sonam has vowed to stake anything to gain this comprehension and says that I will find evidence under any circumstances. Then Raghav says let me think over time because I want to take something in return for the video.