Scene begins with Dheeraj and his better half entered the sanctuary to do the pooja and gives the plate to the cleric for doing the preparing. The minister says your sibling is hanging tight for you from quite a while and they think if it’s Dhruv? Raghav comes and says I am additionally your sibling right? He says possibly we are distinctive among us yet for outcasts we are one. He comes to them and says my mom orchestrates the puja so I am here with her to offer organization to her.

Abruptly there are hints of drums from outside of the sanctuary and Raghav requests that they come outside and as there is an astonishment for both. They saw a vehicle is coming towards them and Dheeraj and his better half are attempting to comprehend what’s going on? Smooth is dozing and her dad says, you have done so off-base by sending your parents in law to prison and you ought to fix this as quickly as time permits. She says I have nothing to do now, as Dhruv needs to choose stuff.

He needs to choose whether he needs his folks and Milky will accompany them in free or ifl he needs Sonam then he needs to remain without his folks. Decision is his so as opposed to addressing me, if it’s not too much trouble cause him to comprehend. Dheeraj and his better half gets glad too that Sheetal is back on bail and they requests Nutan and Shashikant yet not ready to see them. Dheeraj gets some information about his folks however Raghav says they are as yet in prison. Sonam and Dhruv are examining with the legal counselor examining about the case.

Dheeraj and his better half doesn’t comprehend what is happening and are so wrecked at that circumstance. Dhruv gets back home with Sonam and he is examining with her about the lawful issues and everything when he sees that there is nobody in the house aside from Sneha. Sneha educated them that Dhiraj and our sister in law is permitted to do some Pooja in the sanctuary of the Goddess and Sarada educated them that Sneha hasn’t eat anything yet.

Dhruv press that everything works out positively in the sanctuary since he is having a terrible premonition. Raghav and his relatives and badgering and tormenting Dheeraj and his significant other in the sanctuary and they are attempting to save come for it. anyway when Sheetal admits to them about her bogus proclamation to police against their folks then n3h couldn’t control himself and he sacks the weapon from Raghav. He requested today return to the police headquarters and change the assertion yet nobody gives any consideration to his words. Raghav attempts to grab the firearm from his hand and in this cycle they have an actual altercation with one another.

Lamentably , because of this a projectile was shot from the weapon and Shobhakant gets harmed with it. Raghav hurried to his dad and he called police and get Dheeraj verified. Dhruv becomes more acquainted with about the entire thing from his senior sister in law and he goes to the sanctuary to save her. Raghav vows to demolish the whole family for endeavoring murder of his dad.

Precap – Sonam chose to return to Mumbai so the issues can get fathom.

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