Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th January 2021 Written Update

Presently, Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th Jan 2021 Written Update Starts with Kuldeep reminding Shubhra about his words while she continues with her cooking. He demands that she take off from the house yet she talks that she needs money to manage herself and the youngsters. She communicates that as she can’t prepared to re-visitation of her parent’s home then she should be dependent on Kuldeep so to speak. He talks that he simply have place for the kids and not her in his heart and house. He enlightens her about going on date with Samaira and solicitations her not to come in them while she recalls Chandrani’s words and gets an idea. Shubhra sneak inside Samaira’s room when Samaira goes to the bathroom. Shubhra searches for something while Phirki gets inside the room and caught her, She tends to her anyway Shubhra creates a couple of reasons. Phirki assumes her axiom that she should plan something in her cerebrum. Shubhra goes inside youngsters’ room and announces that today Kuldeep will give them a mumbai visit. They gets playful yet Rishi talks that Kuldeep is going with Samaira by then how should he go with them? To which Shubhra talks that it’s a wonder for him. He gets lively and demands what she have done? Around then they hear Samaira’s voice and goes out.

Samaira gets pushed and demands that Phirki find her ring. Shubhra get some data about the issue! To which Samaira uncovers to her that the gem ring which Kuldeep gifted her have lost. Phirki meddles with talking that it’s been taken and puts shortcoming on Shubhra. She told that she have seen Shubhra inside Samaira’s room while Kuldeep denounces Phirki for blaming Shubhra anyway Samaira glares her. Shubhra monitors herself with tragic eyes while Samaira endeavors to convince Kuldeep against Shubhra. Shubhra demand that youngsters head inside yet Samaira stopped them communicating that things will get clear before them. Kuldeep endeavors to prevent yet couldn’t prepared to stay against Samaira and finally, agreed to her. Shubhra puts a charge on Phirki while Samaira ensures her appearance that she is working for her since ten years, To which Shubhra looks at Kuldeep communicating that he knows her for a very long time. Kuldeep again talks that Shubhra can’t take anything while Samaira prescribes checking her space to get explained.


They first check Phirki’s room while she overcompensates, Kuldeep finds surprising stuff from ber sacks while kids mock her. Rishi demands Shubhra that why Phirki was marking her as cheat? To which she told about the event where she went to Samaira’s space to put pills to irate stomach inside Samaira’s coffee and Phirki have gotten her. Samaira’s stomach starts growling and foul smell comes from her while everyone closes their nose. Samaira escapes starting there being humiliated while Kuldeep follows her. Rishi talks that if Phirki haven’t taken the ring, by then where right? To which Shubhra talks that Samaira probably lost it. Rishi talks that Shubhra is guiltless and Samaira is organizing something against her. He told that she likely hid the ring inside her space to exhibit her as a criminal before Kuldeep while Shubhra agrees to him. On the contrary side, Phirki watches Samaira’s coffee and talks that Shubhra almost certainly mixed something in it while Samaira agrees to her. They remember how Samaira have given her ring to Phirki and mentioned that she cover it inside Shubhra’s room while Phirki have disguised it inside Shubhra’s rack so Kuldeep can got her and remove her from the house. Samaira demand that Phirki be wary while talking about their course of action while Kuldeep comes there and looks at them. Read More……


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