Kush To Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein 6 March 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Rageshwari says she will slaughter everybody utilizing the force she got from Priya’s dad in the event that that obscure individual doesn’t save Priya. She doesn’t get any reaction so chooses to utilize that power however quits hearing some stable. Mohit attempts to converse with Arnav however he says he needs to go to discover Rehan. Mohit says he just halted him to educate that he is leaving for the present and will converse with Sowmya following not many days and was going to leave from that point however Arnav stops him and says Mohit is reluctant to confront Rehan that is the reason he is leaving. He asks how might he double-cross them like this and says on the off chance that he had any issue with Sowmya, he ought to have educated her alone or ought to have educated him and he would have handled the issue however he drank a great deal of liquor and hung tight for visitors at that point ridiculed them before everybody. Mohit attempts to clarify his circumstance yet Arnav will not listen him and they sees Rehan.

That voice asks Rageshwari that does she at any point realize what is she asking and says she is attempting to change the destiny. She says her girl doesn’t have the right to pass on at this point. He says Priya kicked the bucket with Adishaat’s toxic substance and now no one but toxin can save her. She requests that he give the toxic substance to Priya. He says after reawakened Priya will not be a similar individual and she needs to acknowledge the outcomes as well and says she was one Angel’s little girl however that will change after her resurrection. She asks can her girl battle against Adishaat to seek retribution. He says that is conceivable on the grounds that she will become solid as well and it’s relies upon her how she will utilize her forces. She advises him to give that toxic substance to Priya.


Rehan requests that Mohit not demonstration like a bonehead and says he and Sowmya made for one another and advises him to apologize to her and he realizes that she will pardon him and requests that he do commitment with her. Mohit says Rehan can’t constrain him and says his heart needs Priya just and gets some information about her. Rehan says she will not bring now back. Mohit says Rehan isn’t understanding what he is saying. Rehan utilizes his force and everybody stands like a sculpture and he shows his genuine structure to Mohit and says his sister is his life and he will not allow him to ruin her life and requests that he do commitment with her. He gestures at him in dread and everybody gets typical and feels content with Mohit’s answer.


Snake says Rageshwari called him to save Priya’s life and says toxin will give new life to Priya. He calls Shivanya, Sivangi , Bela, Brinda and Bani. Everybody comes there in their snake structure and chomps Priya at that point leaves from that point. Rageshwari requests that Priya open her eyes and Priya awakens and Rageshwari gets calmed seeing that. She apologize to Priya for not shielding her from Rehan. Priya says she recollects how Rehan managed her and she will seek retribution for murdering her. Rageshwari says Priya got powers from those snakes yet they doesn’t realize she can battle against Rehan or not so they needs to hang tight for opportune time. Siddharth calls Rajeshwari and Priya advises her to go saying she needs to remain alone for quite a while.

Rehan reviews how Priya consented to help him then how she double-crossed him and how she attempted to say something to him in backwoods and miracles where she went now. Priya transform into her snake structure and goes to Rehan’s room. She says she will get her retribution and says he thoroughly took care of his sister so she will change the game at this point. He doesn’t ready to see anybody yet gets some odd inclination.


Sowmya reveals to Swati’s family that Mohit tricked her and he even proposed her later. Arnav says Mohit gave coronary episode to everybody since he needed to propose Sowmya. Everybody discusses Priya. Ragesjwari educates them to talk concerning new couple. Mohit reveals to Rehan that he will not see any other person aside from Sowmya. Aru and Mini examine about Priya and their Anonymous chief and chooses to focus on their family rather than apparitions.

Rehan feels like he saw Priya and searches her in the house and ponders where she went now. Siddharth asks why Priya abandoned illuminating anybody. Rageshwari goes out and offers food to Priya. She says Priya confronting such a lot of effectively in her life yet everybody reviling her. Priya says she got her mom so she doesn’t mind what others saying about her. Rageshwari says Priya ought to be cautious in light of the fact that Rehan has such a lot of forces. Priya says she simply disdain him and he has no clue about what going to occur in his life. Adolescents were rehearsing for dance execution.


Rehan feels Priya is there just and says he can hear her relax. Priya meets Mohit in his room. He advises her to go from that point however she says she recognized love for her easily he actually cherishes her. She inquires as to why he consented to wed Sowmya. He says he doesn’t have some other decision so she says in the event that he truly cherishes her, he needs to do what she advises him to do. He concurs with her. Rehan comes there and asks Mohit that with whom he was conversing with. Mohit misleads him. Rehan takes Priya’s duppata from that point and attempts to conceal it from Sowmya however she sees that says it’s Priya’s duppata and gets some information about Priya. He says he isn’t sure yet feels like Priya returned and requests that Sowmya focus on her marriage saying he will deal with everything. Read more…..

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