This evening’s scene starts with Priya and Rehaan’s wedding and she believes that Rehaan can’t see her sister miserable and consequently constrained Mohit to get hitched to his sister, Saumya. She reviews that she purposefully left her dupatta in Mohit’s room and caught Rehan in her arrangement and now when they are hitched, he can’t escape any longer. The cleric at that point says that both the wedded couples can take favors from their seniors. Container proceeds to pull up Priya’s cloak and notification that it isn’t Saumya yet Priya who got hitched to Mohit and advises relatives to call the police as she doesn’t acknowledge this marriage. Additionally Read – Sussanne Khan, Hrithik Rohan’s Ex-Wife, Dating Aly Goni’s Brother Arslan Goni? Know Here

Rajeshwari comes and requests that Pam allow her to legitimize herself. Shashank at that point says that she crossed her cutoff points as she got hitched to Mohit. Rehaan at that point says that Pam is correct that Priya’s better half isn’t Mohit and everybody gets stunned seeing Rehan in the husband to be’s clothing. Rehaan says that Priya will remain at his home as his better half so he can watch out for her. Likewise Read – Indian Idol 12: Jeetendra Praises Pawandeep’s Performance on ‘Musafir Hoon Yaaron’, Says ‘Your Voice Has Soothing Effect’

Saumya comes into the lobby and Pam sees blemishes on Saumya’s hand and asks who did this to her. She cries and takes Priya’s name. Shashank and Pam yell at Priya. Soumya at that point begins searching for Mohit however rather go to the timberland and uncovers that she is a shape-moving bird and all she needs is a definitive force. Additionally Read – Jeetendra On Indian Idol 12: Neha Kakkar, Vishal Dadlani, Himesh Reshammiya, Aditya Narayan Groove To ‘Taki’ | WATCH

Priya at that point imagines that she needs to deliver retribution on Rehaan for how he dealt with her. Soumya uncovers further that she think about Priya and Rehaan’s wedding. Soumya says that her sibling Rehan is guileless and doesn’t recollect how he dealt with Priya as his forces overwhelmed him by then. She additionally says that Priya was never infatuated with Mohit and for her, Mohit was only a period pass. She uncovers all she thinks often about is a definitive force.

Rehaan stands up to Priya and blames her for grabbing another person’s affection. Priya reveals to him that he should investigate himself and says that utilizing his force he can’t handle people. Rehaan advises Priya to have some disgrace for harming Soumya and Priya says that even he ought to be despicable of harming Mohit. Mohit nearly takes the Adishaat symbol yet stops himself. Priya imagines that he should assault her so she can execute him. Then again, Rehaan says that he won’t murder her on the double yet torment her, Priya thinks something very similar. Rehaan at that point cautions Priya that if something happens to Soumya, he won’t leave her and something very similar is said by Priya for Mohit to Rehaan. They can’t help thinking about how they will live in a similar room and Rehaan separates the room utilizing a wooden room divider and they head out to rest.

While dozing, unknowingly Priya takes the Adi Naagin symbol yet awakens before Rehaan sees her. Priya requests her to be in his side from the room and he leaves the room. Rajeshwari brings presents for her girl and Priya. Aru says that she has changed and their dad says that whatever occurs, occurs for great.