kundli Bhagya Bhagya 29th September 2020 Written Updates

Today’s episode begins with Karan Mehra who is thinking that he takes her along and that he is Preeta.Also, Pawan thinks that how can he take Preeta without knowing that he says It is Ravana who kidnaps Sita the same way he was kidnapped. Similarly Mr. Sameer asks him what he wants to tell him, he takes him out and says that he does not want anything.

In the same way, we get into thinking that the kiss is promised to be given to him but ask him to use his hard work and saying but I go to my room he says he already He used to praise him, I ask him to praise me more and not to tell other things, Mehboob will tell such a man that I can be happy

Similarly, Kirtika sees them and starts telling Sameer that Kareena has called her. Kirti says that Preeta is doing wrong. Sister says that Kritika wants Preeta and Karan’s wedding. Kritika says that she thought so but She was an idiot when I left.

In the same way Mahi is king and is very happy to hear that finally Karni has caught her hand, Pawan is taking Preeta from there but becomes alert and kills her with a vase from there.

Similarly, Ranu aunty says that she cannot match her beauty which shocks the woman Ranu says that Rishabh tells her that Karna’s wife’s name is Preeta and why she is telling her name etc. Hai woman says that her name is two, that’s why she is telling her name and her beauty also taunts Rani aunty. Ranu Masi gets furious with this car and who tells Karna to complain about the woman. This is how the episode ends.