kundli Bhagya 30th September 2020 Written episode Updates

In the episode of Kundali Bhagya, you will see that Baman is sitting in the car and is about to leave with Preeta when this information comes from behind only when he is about to stop her but he does not agree to this, he worries Seems to be stealing and running after him but fails to catch him, then he thinks that he should chase him. That’s how the auto driver stops asking him if he wants to go, I ask how fast he He mentions driving by and he can drive at his will and tells him to drive as fast as possible.

On the other hand, Sherlyn drinks water in her room where she remembers Prithvi who was really drunk, so I decide to change her love as she says she got drunk because of Preeta but she It was realized that Preeta now makes us the wife of Karma, that is why I leave her.

When you reach Deepawali house, they ask him who he is, he calls the hungry and asks who are these people, then she says that Pawan is his boss. He asks like where is Preity too, just Preeta She walks in and apologizes for this and says that the first time she saw him, he could not understand what kind of person he is because his brother drives his family crazy. They do it when he first came. His brother was in love with the army but did not know what he had done to his brother. Firdaus is understood to have sensed that the Earth has come to meet him.

You will see Sarla orders Viprita to raise her kundan, however the reason is she forgives him that she will help him. It asks them why I am not lifting the veil, everyone stands there, Grandma explains to them that They both have to decide Samaro together until he waits. Similarly the guests arrive there. He tells Preeta to go to his room as he will call everyone when he arrives. That is how the episode ends.

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