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Next we see that Maya threatens that she will punish Preeta in her future life for marrying Karan. Then Preeta says that she is sorry that Maya has a chance to correct herself yet she does She did not feel able to do it. Preeta was never going to feel resentful for marrying Karan and she should have remembered that Mehra also says that she will make sure that father does not forget her.

And soon after arriving, Mehra says that she wants to go somewhere so they told her not to leave then she excuses Karna saying that she should have stopped him because she loves him very much tomorrow. Then he explains that there is nothing of the sort that you guys understand and he had to love and he does not even love him.

After that we see that he says that in your life he wants others to be in his desires. Involve but he cannot complete it, so he wants him to move forward because he wants to live a happy life from him but it is never Bhava cannot be if he stays with her. After that we see Maya in the house pleading to stop him but Karna tries to convince him that she has another life where she is not part of his decision.

She is his best friend, that’s why she wants to fulfill all her wishes. Then Maya hugs her and tells her by her knees that you don’t worry, next we see that Rakhi thinks she knows Is that what she has done is absolutely right because she feared what has happened in her house if Mehra stays here but she will not let anyone join her decision and will not be able to explain then we see that Rishabh tells Karna that he too is feeling sorry for Maya but he knows that what she was doing is not right at all, so her mother has made the right decision, after that Preeta is in the house and calls her.

But I do not answer the call, shouting at Srishti, she asks him to come and that is why Srishti is unable to answer the call after all she can with Sarita Srishti asks what she would mean in the statement Veeram gives that Preeta said that her zodiac has been negotiated and that is why she finally feels capable of doing what she can never do if she says If they tell him the news, they will not believe him at all, only Ji stops him saying that why he is not saying that he will not trust him, everyone will trust him, but if he tells anything then right Preeta tells that she talks to Myra, explaining that he is trying to hurt Koval.

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Luthra family image and he should not have stayed in the same house. Watch the movie Zee Preeta then sees Karan entering. She shows that she is talking on the phone with her friend that Karma has not done any supernatural activities and that he is not at all guilty of listening to her and gets mad so Samita takes the phone There is nothing like that because it is not such a special thing. Next we see that the earth is in the room when a voice comes on the door and it Nee tells Maa to leave her alone but is surprised to see Sherlyn standing there, opening the window, Shaleen assists her in entering the room and she immediately hugs him and Earth is a soldier today.

That he was not so mad even when he was about to marry Preeta, Sherlyn mentioned that she had come to make him realize that he loves her very much even though he has forgotten but he never forgot He may have lost because he tried to perform there but he could not succeed in doing that. After that, he says that he is fooling him, so now he will pay for it. He turns and falls asleep on the bed saying that it is his expansion and the room is why Gaya will do what he likes and whatever he wishes Preeta sits on the couch thinking that he hurt Karan a lot Is and now she has to pay, so she sits a bit away from staying and Karan also thinks about giving her her salary.

Father says Is that Karan has a heart of stone. He acts like he is sleeping. He tells her from the heart it asks why he has done this. He did not take care of her otherwise we would have stopped after that. Seeing that Karan asks Preeta not to think too much because it is just tying ribbon then she asks why is she helping him because he never asked her then she says that he loves her a little bit So she is helping him and he cares for her