First you see that all Luthra family members have reached home and then that Srishti and Sameer come to know that Mehra is not in any danger. The same we see on the other side that Mehra is asking Rakhi to enter her house to enter the house, on which Rakhi absolutely refuses. The same Mehra is forcing Rakhi into her house despite her refusal to force her again. After that, we see that Kareena does not believe that Kritika and Sherlyn are asked to bring them to the house. is.

Then we see that due to Mehra, both have a lot of arguments and both start fighting a lot. After that, Preeta asks Karan to send Mehra back there and also says that I do not love you at all. That is what Karan tells Preeta that she has done so much for us and is giving her this Huh.

Then we see that Karan says that his mother too has left him. At the same time, Sherlyn gets very happy with Mehra’s move. Then we see that Sherlyn’s mother calls Sherlyn and tells everything that the next 1 hour is very inauspicious and is going to be very bad with them. And you have to be careful.