In the horoscope luck you will see that Mehra who came to her house soaked in blood has tried to take her life and after that the police comes there to inquire and she asks all of them then we see that Mehra’s mother Ramona is talking to the police and then asks the police that instead of convicting Mehra for the suicide attempt,

they should find the person in whom Mehra has been instigated to commit suicide. The police then interrogate all of them who have forced Mehra to commit suicide. We then see the entire North family, including the reason behind Ramuna Mehra’s suicide attempt, guilty. The police inspector says that if this is the case, the entire Luthra family will also have to be arrested in jail and they will have to be thoroughly questioned and investigated to see what the issue is. After that Preeta is stunned to hear that, now we will see how Preeta will save her family.