Rishabh says that Rakhi had requested that Mahira take off from the house so in what manner can Kareena permit her to remain with them. He says that Rakhi took this choice about her family’s tranquility and she is likewise thinking like him.

Kareena requests that her comprehend the circumstance, the circumstance was diverse around then. She says that she doesn’t disregard Mahira here so she will go with them to Luthra’s home. Janaki says that if Mahira goes into Luthra’s home she will interfere with Preeta and Karan and ruin the life of their marriage.

Later Mahira says that she didn’t go with Luthra and she goes about as though she is going to swoon. Karan gets her and says that Kareena is correct that she will go with them to Luthra’s home.

Mahira embraces her and thinks she is his now so she will grab him from Preeta. Preeta imagines that despite the fact that Mahira needs to go into Luthra’s home, her family doesn’t permit her.