Next you will see that Ramona tells Mehra how she separated Gayatri from her husband and then married him only after that. She suggests Mehra to be equally compelled to live with Preeta to Karan. We then see that Ramona Mehra asks Karva Chauth to fast for Karan and to show how much she cares for him lie Muth. After that Daadi agrees to fulfill Rakhi’s wishes.

After that we see Preeta in her room, remembering her first Karva. And another one also decides that she will celebrate her Karva Chauth this time with Karan. Then we see that Sarla is telling Srishti and Janaki about her concern about Preeta’s fast, a video to Srishti Preeta She also calls and tells him the importance of Sarla Karva Chauth and she says how Goddess Karva gave happy married life to married women due to this fast.

We then see that she says that the family supports Karna. And he also argues with Preeta saying that she has to burn him. Preeta then insults her, saying that she is with him only for her own purposes.

During a sweet meal, Karan says that he cherishes her that is the reason he has chosen to quick for her. She misleads him about his physical issue even subsequent to getting some information about it. Karan attempts to cause her to feel envious by saying that Mahira can quick for her.

Karan embraces Preeta and inquires as to whether it is important to her on the off chance that another person like Mahira approaches her. Preeta feels harmony in the wake of grasping Karan, yet leaves from that point in some time, concocting a rationalization.