Kundali Bhagya 9 October 2020 Written Update

You people will see further that Sarla says that just like Preeta’s marriage was married, her daughter has also married her. And there is nothing wrong in marrying my husband again but I know that I have done nothing wrong. After this, Dadi says that I do not approve of such a marriage at all. Sarla says that I can understand all this that Dadi was not approving that this was not Karma’s first marriage.

But all this does not matter, the main thing is that Karan and Preeta are married and after that she says that Luthra has not accepted Preeta, due to which NGOs and police join her to support them She has come here and says that she is welcoming and told anyone without seeing her face because she knows how to live in this society. They should also follow certain rules and ask Sherlyn that they should not interfere in her work and should not stop anything.

After this she says that Preeta has always tried to hurt Luthra and also tried to kill Mahesh. Then Sarla gets angry and tells her to shut up and Mehra then says that she does not Stopping because I am only telling the truth, nothing is lying and she says that I can understand that Sarla is angry now that is why she is blaming him because he was always against Brita.

Sarala then says that Luthra is not taking a stand at all for Preeta, after which he moves towards Karma and asks her why he is not taking the stand against his wife and his friend and standing silently and then Reason says what can I do right now, everything is arranged for Preeta but she is not where she is and after that Sarla says that Preeta will not be the same. I call now but the reason tells her to stay There is no need because I have already called 2 times but Preeta did not pick up my call so there is no need to call

That he had already called her, but she did not pick up his call. She gives the fake letter to Sarla before she reads that letter, Mahira snatches it from her and starts reading and says that she got that letter and a saree from Karan’s room and to save Luthra’s reputation, she wore the saree. Weared and came up. Sarla thinks something. Priest on the other hand tells Preeta that he is not Priest.

Next we see Karan going towards her room, Sarala starts chasing her but Mehra stops her at the same time and she apologizes for what she did. He says how many times he had to say that he He does not have a wife because he was already married to Preeta and he says that she never had anyone with Peeta. He does not know where Preeta was. Sarla then says that Preeta falls in love with Luthra and then Kareena asks her if she loves him or not, where is she now and says that she has gone on the other side, Farida. Trying to cut the rope and Srisi feels that Pawan does not know about her at all but is planning to do something else

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