Kundali Bhagya eighth December 2020 Written Update Preeta discovers confirmation Preeta’s arrangement to visit Sarla at last ends up being correct. Sarla spoils her with much love. Sarla asks Preeta to have the sweetdish. She likewise offers the equivalent laddoos which she had taken to Luthra house for Preeta’s first Karwachauth. Preeta eats the laddoos and finds the taste extraordinary. She checks the laddoos arranged by her mom. She discovers that the laddoos which she was served were unique. She reveals to Sarla that Mahira and Sherlyn deceived her about the desserts and gave her something different by taking Sarla’s name.

She understands that the desserts were changed and afterward poison was included it to accuse Sarla before the Luthra house. Shrishti discloses to Sarla that she simply needs to execute Sherlyn and Mahira. Sarla asks her not to discuss such things. Preeta discloses to Sarla that its actually a mischievous arrangement since Sherlyn blamed Sarla for hurting the infant. Shrishti tells that the Sargi desserts were changed as expected. She contemplates whether the primary thought process behind the harming was to slaughter Preeta or charge Sarla. She asks Preeta which laddoos did she eat in the Sargi.

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Sarla understands that Ramona had additionally brought the laddoos that day by referencing that she had set it up for Mahira. She tells that Ramona had carried the harmed laddoos with malicious aims in her brain. She realizes that Ramona expected to render retribution on her. She needs Preeta to remain caution of Sherlyn, Mahira and furthermore Ramona. In what capacity will Preeta spare Sarla from some unacceptable allegation? Will she trust reality with Karan this time? Continue perusing.

Bondita feels a bad dream has transformed into reality when she sees the old malicious expert returning to step through her exam. Saudamini proposes an arrangement to hand over level 2 books to Anirudh. She reveals to him that Bondita needs to respond to not many inquiries to procure the level 2 book. Anirudh acknowledges the arrangement. He poses Bondita to answer the inquiries. Saudamini tells that expert will ask Bondita, she won’t ask anything. Expert’s entrance stuns Bondita.

Bondita is too terrified to even think about answering. The injury of the last time reflects in her eyes when expert had whipped her for reasons unknown. She doesn’t make some noise when the expert poses her basic inquiries, of which she definitely knows the appropriate responses. Anirudh urges Bondita to respond to the inquiries. He advises that he has encouraged everything to Bondita and she will reply.