Kundali Bhagya 8 September 2020 Written Update with Rishabh who tells Karma to accuse Preeta without any evidence to say that she is too smart to understand how Preeta is, Preeta says that tomorrow Confident that his biggest problem is tomorrow, ask why he is interfering when he is talking with his brother.

Preeta says that I am talking about him so it is clear that he will intervene. He says that she came to get her rights but I am not understanding now that one is useless, he says that till now she never trusted him, that’s why she did not prove anything and herself He decides to trust him and starts asking what he has right.

Preeta asks her to fulfill the promises she had made during the marriage and says that there are many she does not know that is why she needs her support to protect her family.

The police say that if Preeta Luthra complains about being a human being, then she has to be arrested. Preeta says that she had left him after her first marriage in the affair, so she had not complained against her and had given her 1 year to think about right and wrong but now she had no time left. |

He says that I came to my house, now she has not taken leave from there, so she has to accept that if she wants the right of daughter-in-law of this house, then she will take help of law but take away other rights. She will not give up, she says that I do not want to go to that extent and she knows that she wants Vijay. She says that I love my family very much and she has to know about it too soon that the government does it. After a few days, he will have to go through that, at that time you will see that he will go to the police to show the real face.

And the one who says that he had already sent the notice to her, Sherlyn’s face turns pale on hearing this and only Rita tells him that she did not send any notice and she says that I know everything better than you. Nobody can know but right now you don’t want to do it all right. He is asking to show his good and true face to protect his family and Preeta and he is accepting her as his wife and hearing this, Mehra and Luthra To feel a bit shocked ..

And Preeta says that finally the truth has come out of your mouth and Sherlyn says that now Mehra is no longer in your sense. Later on she will see what he can do and if anyone sees her in this condition, then I am crazy. Manega and he tells her that Mehra will have to fight for herself without fighting she cannot come out of this situation and there on the other hand, Mehra says that she will provoke Karan against Preeta and make a fight between them both

Right now Sister in Arora’s house says that Preeta is not with her right now and that is why she needs a good friend right now and Sarla asks her to find out about Peeta and then calls Sameera. And then Sister calls him but he senses that he does not pick up the call but now people are wondering why the father is not picking up the call and this is where the episode ends.