Preeta and Rakhi are examining and concluding the plans for the wedding, Rakhi requests that she consider Sarla and welcome her with the whole family additionally that she ought to never concoct any rationalization, Preeta inquires as to whether she should welcome to which Rakhi makes reference to that she should welcome them as the more youthful girl in law of the Luthra family, Preeta thinks about how Sarla enlightened her to not utter a word concerning Akshay with the family since then it would make a ton of issue for her, Rakhi asks what has occurred and for what valid reason is she stressed, Preeta asks about the Rasam of Jhago to which Rakhi clarifies how it occurred in the past that the whole family used to go in the night to give the greeting thus to have some light they would put a container on their head for the light.

Rakhi clarifies how she doesnot like the cutting edge technique for welcoming the individuals to which Preeta shouts how she additionally doesnot like it and now the two of them would satisfy the Rasam energetically. Karan comes inquiring as to why Preeta has not gone to their room, Rakhi and Kritika likewise gets astounded when he says that he is having a migraine thus wanted that she rubs it, Karan says that he is thankful in light of the fact that Kritika can’t live without Akshay as she has called him for the engagement proposition and now Akshay would remove Kritika from their home, she attempts to get him anyway he flees, Preeta plunks down anyway the two of them request that she leave and be with Karan.

The following night when the capacity begins, Sherlin comes to Sanjana and Ramona getting some information about to which Sanjana inquires as to for what reason did she not educate her concerning the pregnancy, Sherlin begs her to not go about as Ramona definitely realizes that the youngster isn’t of Rishab, Ramona cautions her to not be so noisy as even the dividers of the Luthra Mansion have ears, Sherlin asks her for what reason did she not enlighten anything regarding the pregnancy to Rakhi in any event, when they are closest companions, Ramona asks Sanjana for what good reason did she not disclose to her girl to not savor this state as then she would not joke this way.

Sherlin attempts to clarify how it was only a joke yet Ramona leaves out of frustration, Mahira inquires as to why she chatted with her mom like this, Sherlin attempts to clarify how she was simply having a discussion and it is only a joke yet Mahira doesnot trust her platitude that she ought to never converse with her mom like this since she realizes that Rakhi is not, at this point her closest companion due to Preeta, she likewise leaves.

Sanjana attempts to clarify how she ought not talk like this before anybody as when she comes clean with them about their character it infuriates them, Sherlin clarifies how she realizes what to state and doesnot need her recommendation.

Everybody is talking when Akshay accompanies his folks they all welcome one another, Karina requests that he not take her endowments yet rather embrace her since she trusts him to be her child and not child in law, Akshay is looking for Kritika when Karina clarifies how she has been preparing for as long as five hours, Dadi makes reference to that she ought not make statements like this since it is her wedding, Akshay’s folks clarify how they are stunned that Akshay has had the option to wed a particularly beautiful young lady and they feel honored, they feel that it is a direct result of some great deeds which they may have done in their past lives, Karina additionally notice how she is appreciative that her little girl will be essential for their family as they believe Kritika to be her girl.

Rakhi orders Sherlin to make them something anyway Mahira makes reference to how she would bring it.

Preeta is helping Kritika in preparing for her wedding, Preeta asks what she would do on the off chance that she requests that she reject from this marriage which stuns Kritika who inquires as to for what reason is she posing this inquiry to which Preeta specifies that she needs to know the response yet Kritika says that she knows why Preeta is stating this since she truly adores her simply like a sister and needs to state that in the event that she ever befuddled about the marriage, at that point should go to her and state whatever she feels, Kritika clarifies how she feels Preeta is stressing a direct result of her marriage anyway she is certain that Akshay is most appropriate for her, Kritika clarifies how she is talking much the same as her companion who attempted to prevent her senior sister from wedding and even made her defer the wedding just so she could invested some energy with her.

Preeta specifies how she realizes that they have not had the option to hang out, yet she is being hitched and it is a defining moment for her anyway she should simply recollect her guarantee, Kritika asks an inquiry from Preeta that for what valid reason she wedded Karan regardless of whether she might have hitched somebody significantly better.Read More……