Kumkum Bhagya seventh December 2020 Written Update Abhi gets drawn in Pragya reveals to Sarita that Prachi and Ranbir love one another and they ought to get hitched. Sarita discloses to her that she doesn’t imagine that Prachi’s marriage will happen without any problem. Pragya asks the explanation that Sarita thinks so. Sarita reveals to her that she needs to clear things with Abhi first so Prachi gets the status of Abhi’s little girl, really at that time Kohli family will joyfully acknowledge Prachi for Ranbir. She tells that Pallavi loathes Prachi thinking she is working class, however realizing that Prachi is Abhi’s blood, even Pallavi will concur.

Pragya doesn’t think Prachi needs to disclose to her bloodline to have the union fixed. She tells that Ranbir loves Prachi without knowing her whole personality and foundation, he never interrogated Prachi concerning it. She tells that Prachi will win Ranbir’s adoration and make a spot in his family’s heart by her great qualities, she shouldn’t be called Abhishek Mehra’s girl to get her affection. Sarita doesn’t believe that it will be anything but difficult to persuade Kohli family, who are additionally unbending simply like Rhea.

She asks Pragya to meet Abhi once and clear the issue about Rhea’s scorn. She tells that Pragya and Abhi’s jodi should be made before Ranbir and Prachi. Pragya accepts her recommendation. Abhi calls Pragya for a meet so he can enlighten her regarding Rhea’s off-base interest for his marriage with Meera. He thinks just Pragya can stop his marriage with Meera by persuading Rhea with affection. He needs Rhea and Pragya’s misconception to end.

Pragya goes to meet Abhi at the bistro. She needs to inform him regarding Prachi, who became more acquainted with the total truth and is anticipating her father at home. She needs Abhi to end Prachi’s pause and meet her. Abhi illuminates Pragya about his marriage with Meera. He reveals to her that Rhea got offended by Prachi and requested another mother for herself. He feels constrained now since Meera has acknowledged his proposition to be engaged. He doesn’t feel that he is falling frail and not ready to clarify Rhea about Pragya. Pragya gets too harmed to even think about knowing that he is getting connected with to Meera.

She gets disturbed and cries. She salutes him. Abhi needs her to hear him out, since he needs her to stop the commitment. She doesn’t allow him to finish. As usual, their discussion stays inadequate and develops more errors between them. She gets some information about the commitment date. He reveals to her that its tomorrow. Pragya is in stun that he is proceeding onward in life when they were thinking to join together. Abhi welcomes her in the commitment. Pragya conceals her broke heart and discloses to him that she will come in his commitment to give all the best.

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Both Abhi and Pragya experience a similar torment of partition by and by, in light of Rhea’s adolescence. They have neglected to clarify Rhea where she isn’t right and abandoned their lives and bliss to fulfill Rhea’s requests. Will Abhi gets drawn in to Meera? What will occur straightaway? Will Pragya have the option to join the family by persuading Rhea? Will Pragya and Abhi show some strength in their characters to stand firm for their own lives at any rate? Continue perusing.